Friday, December 16, 2011


Umm…I don’t even know where to start oh but I’m going to start. I feel like stopping now sef…there’s so much to write and say but….no…it’s not writer’s block, I had a fabulous convocation, that’s where the problem started…I got extremely busy, then NYSC came up, lemme not go into details of that 3 weeks but It was miserable, I was posted to Kubwa camp, F.C.T.. mehn I dunno what to say, I sprained my ankle day 1, my body reacted to the water by day 3 and stuff came out all over my body. My nose started bleeding from Day 5 till I left…thanks to the harsh weather conditions, my dad came every Sunday to see me and I wasn’t ashamed of it, I claimed foreign trained so imagine the rest…I was the most popular in my hostel thanks to my noisy and big mouth, so tey they planned to beat me up, I had loadz of boy friends including soldiers and God forgive you dear reader if you dare to even think otherwise, if you’ve heard of Mr Macho…yea..that sexy stuff with their ground nut oiled body, I made sure the winners carried me :D I think that is the only time I can say I was happy in camp, I went ofr drill only twice and was talking with my parents till they seized my phone, I tried the slow march once and oops went down…yea down. wasn’t so bad, I danced a lot at mammy market and incurred so many hard dicks begging for entry…*yuck* it was really funny feeling something at my bum and I’m like what’s that with my eyes popping..then I’ll move to the next person :D… I didn’t drink any alcohol, I paid 2k not to smoke, I was dared….I sha took a drag on last night, I kissed 4 guys *hides face* but you know I’m a serial kisser nah, 2 lesbos asked me out, one of them gave me 10k for my drinks one night so, I was always cladded in black bum pant and a white top crested with DADDY’S GIRL or AME…yea yea, I had male friends that had cars oh…no trekking or standing in the sun, I avoided queue like crazy….the only thing I used my cash for was pictures and bribing people to get what I need faster….guys took care of food and drinks and other orishirishi….lemme stop there…if you think I had fun, I didn’t..I was more than happy to go.
Pix of my convocation…I really felt loved….really loved,my parents made me so proud and so happy, my dad did the most remarkable thing for me, my mum made me travel to shop, na convocation we yarn oh, wedding go toh badt,my brother came all the way from abroad for that Saturday party ehn…my ex..yes ex…was so amazing, he really helped…oya e don do

please,I hope it's not too muh oh...I don't even know if the pix would show,me I no sabi how to upload,teach me you guys plenty and I'm back....bisou

Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't get it twisted.

Hello blogville *waving*,yes,it’s been a while, no apologies sha, I’m doing French programme and computer programme, only me, because my parents won’t let me travel and I can’t stay at home for so long waiting for NYSC, before idleness will make me do the unthinkable.
It’s really hectic but well, God dey. I hail all of una wey too try and biko you can follow me on twitter @Ameikpe I think I’m more relevant there, Myne no be so??? Lol.
Well, this one you are about to read is pure fiction, I’ve never been to that place, I just thought up something, if anybody dares to say “chei, Gretel too badt” well, *spraying pepper in your eye* you better don’t oh, anyway, enjoy.
P.S. it took me loadz of courage to post this, I don’t want anybody thinking off, I don’t want to make another post explaining myself. THIS IS PURE FICTION.
He took his last shot of whisky and another glass of stout and made another vow not to have any more drink for the night. When his sight has started playing tricks on him, he had said that was going to be his last drink, then everything seemed double or triple or was it quadruple and he was talking at the top of his voice, he kept swearing that was going to be his last drink.
The day had been very hectic, stressful and even more annoying. His boss, he preferred to be called GM, embarrassed him before all the junior marketers, calling him all sorts of names all in the name of being “his boss”. He hadn’t done anything wrong, nothing at all, the man just despised him, he didn’t stop there, after smearing his face with shame, he sent on so many silly errands, just to further humiliate him. Jason couldn’t ask for more insults, he kept swearing and mumbling things for the rest of the day. At the close of work, he banged his door and left angrily, his face red and full blooded, he walked out with his mind juggling whether he would come to work the next day or that was his last day there. As he trekked towards the gate o pick a cab, Daniel, his colleague and his friend pulled over and picked him.
They went to a nearby restaurant, placed their orders and chatted for a while about how nice the eatery was. Their food arrived and Jason went about on how unfair life was.
He took his first spoon of rice and spat it, the food tasted like saw dust. He cursed and stared outside the window.
“See ehn” Daniel said “ you don’t have to do this to yourself, we all have our bad day but you have o know how to handle it, if you keep working yourself out like this, you go break down oh”
“Dan, why did it have to be me today, Adeniyi or whatever he calls himself , just sits his fat bum on a chair and thinks of who to use as his toy and his head tells him Jason”.
Daniel giggled.
“Nooo, what did I do wrong? Just tell me, what did I do?” Jason kept saying.
“Jason, who authorized this cheque, Jason, where’s the I-cash folder, Jason who kept the sweet pack there, Jaso your trash can is full, Jason why didn’t you pick the customer line, Jason, Jason, Jasonnn” Jason said mimicking Mr. Adeniyi while Daniel kept laughing.
“Wait” he continued “for Pete’s sake, am I a goddamn IT student, I mean, I—I don’t even sit on the counter oh” he heaved a sigh, stared out of the window while tapping his fingers on the table.
“Calmmm down” Daniel said “it’s not that bad, see these things happen just to test you and-‘’
“whoo whoo whoo” Jason cut in “test me? Wait, Dan, don’t go through all that sermon, don’t I already have enough temptations? What will happen tomorrow, he’ll test me again, what the hell is up?”
“ok, guy, calm down, just think it through, you’ll be fine, ok?”
Jason sighed and shook his head and kept cursing under his breath. “Dem no dey sell drink for here” he sniffed through his teeth.
Dan laughed “so you want carry shaq kill am”
“guy make we comot for here, I need a drink, let’s go down the road, abeg”.
“Ok, fine, anything you want” Daniel kept laughing.
Daniel finished his food and they went to “EVE”. The most renowned stripper’s club.
Echoes of “move your body like a snake girl” could be heard outside. It started drizzling and soon small pellets of rain fell on the windscreen and together they made the sound of an approaching army.
“Hmmm, here we are” Dan heaved. “you are sure you want to go in, I mean it’s raining, I could take you home”
“Guy, the day is still young, aren’t you coming?”
At the door, a young blonde with the cutest nips Jason had ever seen, ushered them in with a wink. His brain did a double flip but he told himself, he’s just here to grab a bottle.
They found an empty seat close to the DJ, another half nude hottie and they sat. Daniel called out to the bartender, whisky, stout, vodka, the guy arrived and they got busy.
“Mehnn, don’t you just like it here”? Jason asked screaming
“Well, it’s not my kinda stuff but, yea, it’s cool”
“C’monn, it’s for a change”
“Yea, yea sure”
“Another glass dude” Jason called out.
A young blonde passed by, put her hands under her firm, full boobs and did a jiggie jiggie.
Daniel laughed.
“Mehn,see those tits, bad thing—you can’t touch”
“Jason, Jason” someone called out.
He turned and recognized the guy. “heyy, my man, what are you doing here?”
Emma, his friend at church, cool dude and alla that.
“Same thing you are doing here, what about your wife?”
“Guy, abeggg, make I relax”
Emma laughed, grabbed a seat and sat with them. He ordered for his drinks and they continued drinking.
The room turns dim, everywhere becomes bright blue, visions become blurred.
“Table for two” plays softly in the background. Nude girls with killer shapes and well-oiled skin drop from the poles in the bar. They tease and wrap their legs around the pole, extend it to the ceiling and reveal a little bit of their secret.
“Shit” Dan called out “we should get out of here oh, we can’t even touch these babes.”
“I can touch my wife” Jason replied and so can Emma”
“uhum” Emma replied. He cleared his throat and shifted in his seat as his trousers became tighter than before.
Hottie drops from the pole, puts her finger into her mouth, takes a lick, walks up to Jason and touches his lips. His John Thomas responded immediately.
“ahannn” he smirked.
Dan was tempted to put his head on the table but he couldn’t afford to let these guys mock him. He crossed his leg to press his stuff as he felt it growing bigger and hotter. Wharrahell.
Jason seemed composed, wasn’t he used to naked boobs dangling everywhere?
“Shit, haha, mehnn, these girls are steamy” Emma whispered. 2 pairs of asses did a waist dance before him and swiftly bent over, then they turned and started kissing each other as passion overwhelmed them.
Dan whimpered and slowly placed his hands on unconsciously Emma’s hips. Another pair of tits passed by his lips, slow enough for him to take a suck, he gave a loud moan and squeezed Emma’s dick. Emma let out a shrill, closed his eyes and stroked the back of Dan’s palm gently.
Two hot demons climbed on their table, took a bottle of vodka and poured it sensuously from their necks as it dripped and covered every part of their body. The other knelt on the table and dipped her finger into her hole and slowly put it in Jason’s lips. Emma couldn’t hold it anymore, he unzipped and brought out his charged bull and began stroking it gently. Dan eyed him and slowly knelt down, grabbed Emma’s ball and shoved it completely into his mouth and began to suck.
Emma shut his eyes and thanked his stars.
“Damn it guys, damn it” Jason screamed but his voice was only a whisper compared to the now blaring music, he stood up to grab Dan but wet hottie pushed him back to his seat, slowly gets on her knees, unzips his trousers, dragged out his bull and gave the tip a soft bite.
Jason shut his eyes, shivered, grinned and let out a soft moan. Was her mouth coated with warm caramel or the coldest Henessy in that fucken room? How on earth was she playing her way through this, I mean these chics aren’t supposed to screw anyone, but to the hell, this shawty is--- another soft bite. He dragged her hair and pulled her head downwards.
Everywhere turned dark, the demon was sitting across him, working her tits in his mouth while riding his cock like a horse.
“shit, shit, ahhh, whoo, whoo, yeaa, Stella, Stealla, jeez” Jason kept screaming.
He grabbed her ass and squeezed it, this was the best day of his life.
Fuck Adeniyi, fuck Dan, fuck Emma, fuck his bank, yea, his goddamn bank, fuck ‘em all, fuck them on this hottie.
He couldn’t help it anymore, he started shouting and smacking the ass further, the chair gave way under them but none of them realized it, this demon just kept riding him nuts, he could imagine her boobs doing a wild dance in front of him. He grabbed her two legs up and started pounding into her, charging and screaming, he buried all of his balls into her.
Fuck ‘em all, fuck you, fuck the bank, shit, Stella, fuck you, fuck you, Stella, Stellaaaa.
He had ejaculated. He laid limp upon her.
“Yes” he heard a soft whisper.
He jumped up. “Dan, Emma, who is there?”
“It’s Stella” The soft voice came up beside him.
The lights came on, pierced through his eyes. Everywhere was upside down and seemed deserted, no Dan, no Emma, no DJ, no bartender, no other guest and few hotties lying naked around. Just him, then he turned and looked besides him, his wife Stella, sat there, grinning and smirking her lips.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I am a rich man,a very rich man,I owned houses,big houses and companies,I have lots of cars and ships and everything you could ever think of. All my children are schooling abroad,my extended family love me because I’m taking good care of all of them and I am married to a beautiful lady.
I own the most exotic and well stocked bar you could ever imagine right inside my living room . Every evening after work, I sit there and relax alone. I love my bar,it’s one of the most beautiful thing I have.
Then one day something strange happened. I began to notice something. Whenever I drink some wine and come back to drink it another evening,I realised that it tasted different,like someone has tampered with it,like it tasted diluted, initially I thought it strange and then I waved it off, I thought it was normal,but being a renowned wine critic, I knew that it wasn’t the same wine that I drank the previous evening. It didn’t happen to only one of them or two, all my expensive wines tasted different and diluted. Then one day I had enough of it, I decided to get to the root of the matter,so I bought a bottle of , so that any changes made to the wine could be visible since it is thick and also has a bright colour.I drank some of it and left it. When I came back the next evening,just as I thought, the wine had changed colour and seemed less thicker than it should be. This was enough.
‘’GG’’ I called my wife,she was upstairs so I went upstairs.
‘’GG,something strange is happening in this house’’
‘’honeyyy,like what?’’
‘’waittt,like all my bottles of wine are tasting diluted as if someone added water to it,all of them,who could possibly do such a thing?’’
‘’welll,that’s strange,but you know I don’t drink alcohol,especially alcoholic wine,I barely even go to the bar,so I’m not the one,maybe but have you asked Maxwell,he might know’’
Maxwell is our chef and has been with us for some years.
‘’Maxwell?’’ I asked ‘’maybe I should even sent him away,he’s the only other man in this house and I don’t want this rubbish repeating itself.’’
‘’noooo’’ my wife pleaded ‘’don’t send him away,why don’t you ask him first before you send him away?’’
So I went down to the living room shouting.
‘’Maxwell ‘’
‘’Maxwell ‘’
‘’Oga’’ he replied ‘’I dey for kitchen oh’’.
‘’Maxwell,did you drink any of my wines?’’
‘’Oga,I drink am’’
‘’Okkk,Maxwell,did you add water to any of my wines?’’
No response.
‘’Maxwell,I saidmdid you add water to any of my wines’’
No response.
‘’aren’t you hearing me?’’
‘’Oga,I dey hear’’
‘’I said did you add water to any of my wines?’’
Still no response.By this time my wife had come out.
‘’Maxwell,come out here’’
He came out.
‘’why aren’t you answering me?’’
‘’oga,no vex oh but if you dey inside that kitchen,you no go fit talk’’
‘’Oga,I dey tell you,try am now’’
So I walked into the kitchen, confused. What could be inside the kitchen?.
‘’Oga’’ Maxwell called out ‘’you dey there?’’
‘’Yes’’ I answered, ‘’there’s nothing here’’
‘’Yes’’ I answered again
‘’Na who dey go Mary room for night?’’
No response.
‘’Oga,you dey there?’’
No response.
‘’Oga,who give Mary belle?’’
No response.
‘’Oga ohhh,I say who do make our house girl,Mary carry belle?’’
No response.
“Oga,you no dey hear?’’
Still no response.
“Oya,Oga comot come”
I came out quietly and slowly,got into the living room and sat down. Every where was quiet and tensed,no body moved.
‘’Madam’’ Maxwell called out loudly to my wife.
She turned and looked at him.
“You go try?”
No response.

Friday, July 15, 2011


I came home to see your note
You said you couldn't bear it anymore
My screams,my misery,my guts,
You said you couldn't bear it anymore
You said you were gone.

You're Gone?
After all these years?
Left me alone?
Oh dear one,there's so much to bear,
You said you were gone.

I cried and wept and mourned
Just for a day,
You're gone
But i've not missed my way
Instead,I've had so much done.

I washed my hair and ironed my dress
I sang a song instead of groaning and murmuring
I took a walk to ease the stress-
(instead of cursing a nd wailing)
And I didn't move into a moving lorry.

I didn't take a handful of sleeping pills
or find a rope to hang on my neck,
I haven't forgotten to pay up my bills
or mistakenly hit the deck
You said you were gone.

P.S Tis came to mind after a friend told me about her break up and trust me I gave her advice nah,to forget the boy and move on,these small boys(as if I'm older than them,lol) like to raise those things they called shoulders too high,hope yhu like and if yhu going through a break up,this might not be the right approach but this just might be it.
Happy weekend.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


To some it's a bed of roses
to some the roses om the bed have thorns
to others,it's a bed with no rose.

To some,it's a mystery
to some,it's a revelation,
to others,it's all history.

To some it's beautiful
to others,what ciuld be more ugly
but to some,the beauty is not full.

To some it's tragic
to some,it's normal,
to others,it is romantic.

To some,it's being the best
to others,it's being just average,
yet,to some,it's being the rest.

To some,it's all about people
to some,it's all about themselves
and to others,it's all about people.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


heyloo,dearies,yes,I know I promised to stay but yhu see,yhu never know how unforseen circumstances look like,till they are staring at yhu in the face.Well,to be frank,typing on my phone sucks,my modem developed some silly problems and that's the first problem,then,my 2nd love,silverbird galleria has stolen me away from the web,It's not just the movies but the fun I have with the people I meet there and then the whole pop corn game,I spend my day there and its paying off,I don't how sha!But that place takes all my time.
Thirdly and most importantly,cut the modem,cut the cinema and the pop corn,sometimes I just feel like this whole thing was my idea of a joke,yea I mean blogging,noo,I adore my followers and I think of them a lot,16 amazing people that clicked follow either because I asked them to or whatever,I adore other bloggers,let's not go there but sometimes I just feel like I'm alone in a crowded hall.It's like nobody cares as long as they get going but yhu left behind and that's what keeps me away,maybe I'm not working too hard and that goes back to blaming my modem ''wiping tears'',but I'll be back at least for someone's sake,he cared enough to follow me outside here,yes oh,he :D
Serzly,I miss everything but wait I've been dropping comments nah it's just that I never do my own post,abi? It hasn't been easy oh but trust me I know how to make myself happy even in the midst of difficulties,somebody give me high 5.
Now,I want to talk about something. Few days ago,my younger brother that just came back from abroad with muscular shoulders and cute side burns,deep voice and all'o that,slapped me.yes oh,no shout whattt and he posted on twitter that he would slap me again,now,Gretel acts before she thinks,I was already dialing my dad,which is also abroad,if he hears it,my bros is as good as dead but the holy spirit stopped me,then I dialed an SSS friend that knows nth else but to fight for me but again the holy spirit stopped me,then I did the one thing I do when I can't do what I wanted to do,when I'm helpless and weak,when everything around me shouts ''ajebo,do yhur own make we see,yhu only get mouth abi?'' I went to church,knelt on the altar and prayed and cried and I was careful what I said because anytime I get to that point,God answers me!
Hmm,I'll spare yhu details of what happened but I believe that no matter what a girl or woman does,a man who is not her ''Father'' should not hit her.Even if yhu are my husband,let's face it,we are two strangers that got to know and love each each other and try to make things work,I'm not yhur younger sister or maid,yhu have no right to hit me,correct me if I'm wrong but I know better,yea I told my brother all that but this is the first time I knew I could actually forgive someone,but is it right?why am I even asking,it's not jor,see ehn,I'm a very jelly person though I act rock sometimes,if yhu slap me or hit m,I will cry so teyy,hm,then my skin,ever sensitive,will start acting funny,swollen and puffy,so i hate where ther's struggle or dirt and all that,it affects me,yhu rather cheat on me than hit me,I won't condone it,I will use my little connections and fight back.
But why do some men do that?yhu trying to prove yhu are a man?but I know yhu are a man,for pete's sake yhu don't have boobs abd vagina,yhu've have a dick,that makes me know yhu are a man,so why try to prove it?ok,that's not all that makes yhu a man but definitely hitting a woman is NOT just one of them,abi?It's a man with low self esteem and inferiority complex,and a coward that proves he's a man by using his fist,place those men in the boxing ring and they become toothless,that's if they make it outta there alive.
Well,I don't know what yhu think but that's my own.
Hm,on a random note,I'm getting close to single,I hope I meet someone at the other side,hope yhu understand.
Love yhu so much,mwahhhhhhhhhhh.....
This post was not long abi? :D

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I'm going to be a year older tomorrow,precisely 21,and what can I say than God is faithful.I am happy about it and about me,which is quite unusual,birthdays are usually normal for me,I love em but I'm composed about it.
God is faithful.
I have been thro a lot and I have seen both good and bad but in all,I have not been crushed.The women of faith song-I'm pressed but not crushed,persecuted not abandon,struck down but nor destroyed keeps ringing in my head and heart.For everything I've been thro,I thank God.
God is fathful.
He saw me through university and all through my project and I wasn't defiled by any lecturer,I mention this coz I was a constant victim of those approach,I was almost expelled from,thanks to one silly gurl named Goodnews(the exact opp of her name) but God did not only disgrace her but disgraced all those that supported her,one of them who was my HOD was sacked,everyone knew that God was fighting for me,I was freed.....
God is faithful.
He has given me people that bear my burden in their hearts,all I need to do is worry and they take care of those worries,he gas given me a good friends that adore me,he has given me a remarkable friend,Eazy Murphatt and a best friend too,a sweet sister and friend,Waky juju and a good BF too :D,a sweet brother and also parents and the best God dad in the world,I could go on and on but let me say God is faithful,I'm excited abt it,I dunno why.I might or might not celebrate it,I dunno yet sha but there'll be food and drinks sha.
God is faithful.
I dunno how to do blog giveaways,I've been planning to ask myne how she does it coz I'll love to give sth out but I dunno how to do all the link thingy,poor computer illiterate :D
I want to thank blogsville for ushering me into a new phase of life and providing an avenue where I could run to when I can't handle the sorrows of this world,yhu people have been my main people.I love yhu so so much.
To all my followers,Myne-my big sis,Waky-my twinnie and best friend,Adiya-my new love,Crown Chronicles-my very inspiring blogger,Tomboxe-my NCC partner,The truth-my dear friend,Remiroy-my most talented blogger,Aww,Sweetness-my blog sister,sassy trends,victor,some I don't even know,I love yhu people.thank yhu for identifying with me,I'll make yhu proud''sobbing''.
My secret admirers,my friends,Joseph Omotayo all of yhu ahh,Doll,Abigail NY,the hottest babe in fashion,Miss JB,I wouldn't let yhu oh,fine gal no pimples,seshe jamess,fashion star;I gbadu yhu oh,unyime Ivy king,I don't know yhu but thanks for the follow,I love all of yhu so much,God bless yhu,all of yhu and take yhu to the height yhu wanna reach.
Follow me on twitter at @G5R1T2EL and drop a tweet so I can follow back,if yhu wanna wish ne happy birthday on phone,lemme try what Myne did +2340802-0-4-40. Three dashes,the first when yhu multiply the first two prime numbers,the answer is that,ahann,maths don show nah,the 2nd dash-1,000,000 subtractes 999,999=?,the third dash-543 subtracts 542=?
I love mathematics oh.pls work it out honey bunch,don't frown this is no stattistics :D.
Please be courteous enough to tell me ''Happy birthday'' in full if yhu are messaging or tweeting,don't even piss me with that h/bday stuff :D,I'm grinning a lot,thanks to Adiya :D.
Thank yhu people,thankss for reading to the end,catch ya later,muahhxxx.
Hope no one is tired yet,of the kisses nah???

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I want to start Business

Good morning my friends,in as much as that sounds weird,I want to start business,not buying and selling oh but I want to offer services to a set of people.I want to start DATING SERVICES.I'm not doing it coz I'm bored NONONO NO,I just graduated from a leadership institute last week and so many things came to me,yes in terms of vision and dreams and I've talked it out with my friend and he said it's a good idea but I want to hear from others,this is the idea,I'm not doing it for money(even though that will come later)by God's grace I'm very comfortable,I'm doing it coz it's part of my Destiny in life,it's one of God's purposes for me and I know its coming to fulfillment,right now I'm starting with myself,reading books,surfing the net,understanding a man and a woman at different angles and getting to know all I need to know coz I want to satisfy my clients,I need a lot of things but I trust God they are coming,I've not told my parents coz they'll discourage me as usual,I'm even tired of talking to them.I want to make a big step after my research is partially completed by making complimentary cards,I want people to get to know me,the little problem I have is how to get people to know they need counseling even to make their relationships work,as my friend would call it,I'm a SHRINK,hard to admit but it's kinda true,but I'm ready to work the essence,I want to do sth different,yes I know this is not so new but I want to make christ the basis of this business not temperaments or anything of the sort but sth close to it.Okay lemme not bore yhu I'm kinda excited that's it and I already have a client,hehe,my friend Murphatt.Well,that's it people,I need yhur little advice it's so important to me.Thank yhu.
Waky,hope yhu read this oh.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


whoosshhhh,finally,I get to blog and I am angry,I don't even know where to start but maybe I should say God forgive me coz by now I would have had more than 12 followers.
So many things culminated to it and I'll spare yhu the details coz I'm finally here.I can't even remember the last time I read another person's post coz I don't get to read my mails again,don't ask why,I've been busy with nothing but all that is over and I mean it.
First,I miss NS,yea naija stories,I miss it so much and since I'm not going to have a grand reception on my return,I won't return soon and I just pity all these my endless diary entries that are stacked in some drawers.
Then I miss blogging,being the first or among the first to comment on myne's blog or bella naija,Ivory Malinov's blog,goshhh,Remiroy,The truth(I know I didn't miss much there sha, ;-) ),Morenike's blogspot,Tejumohlahh,kai ehnn,than my blog twinnie,Sweetness,how I stumbled on her,I won't forget,coz her first post I read gave birth to my endless diary entries,God be with her.
I miss some blog toasters,yhu know some secret admirers like that,yesss,anonymous,I miss them so much,I miss everything sef,to celebrate my return I'm going to change my settings abi,that's what it's called and try add a picture to my profile,that one go hard sha.
HYAW,I hope she sees this,berra come back to blogging.I miss the Philosopher's diary and most esp Temiville's blog though she doesn't follow my blogspot,that na beef doh.
It's been a wonderful time with me sha,so so many happenings but we thank God oh.If yhu remember Mr somehow hot,yeaaaa,he came on his knees after 3 weeks of the break,yes I accepted but trust me sth new has come up,I'm going to be alittle secretive on this one sha,coz it's a big one and an eternal one but it's hot and I love it.yeaa,he's hot''ting'' up with other babes and I don't know em coz I,Gretel,''shrugging my shoulders against my top'' is too much to be deceived ehn,yhu hear?I'm always 1 or 2 inch higher up there.
Alright people,mum's calling so,later lovies later.
See ya,muaahhh,pls don't be tired of the kiss,I'm not only a serial kisser,I'm a good kisser. ;-)
This post is titled RAMBLINGSss.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No Title

I'm about to become a graduate and I didn't know it could kill,so this is how project is,mehn,so much time,money,rats(and I hate rats),scolding,abuses and then a nympho for a supervisor,that's the height of it,my supervisor is a nympho.Last I met him we had a fight coz I wasn't ready for his rubbish and I ended up smelling like grass hopper coz that's how his perfume...well,everything is just kinda bumpy,my only brother has travelled out for studies so I'm so so lonely,I even cried but I met a new airport agent when I got to the airport,he's nice at least,my dad is,no let's not go there yet,whoosh,I've finally spilt ways with my supposed BF and I intend to announce it publicly where he'll also hear that I'm now so single,I'm so happy I did coz I feel like the madam I have always been,very flimsy things can cause a break up and me(madam-no-nonsense) wouldn't take any nonsense oh.hmm,closed chapter and yes I'm heart broken coz I thought he'll be my husband,Bad riddance to bad rubbish,but I'm happy,so lemme see who's next,I pray it will be Jackson,except he's a wizard coz that guy is my local version of Will Smith and he has a mini power bike and he's such a silly gentle man and his english is impeccable and he's so much like Orlando Bloom and I could go on and on,yes he glitters and he's gold,pray it's him pleaseeeee.
Alright dearies,just my thought and lest I forget Happy belated new year.Muuuuaahh...