Saturday, December 25, 2010


I didn't plan to do this post today and don't even think it's boring here,far from it,in fact it's like Jesus was born in my house but I just read Temiville's post and it brought tears to eyes and I felt like encouraging someone.
You see there's nothing like a good family and I tell you the more the merrier but when there's no family,there's nothing like good friends,when you can't be with any at a time like this,there's sorrow and all manners of feeling but there's still one friend that gives joy that surpasses every kind that family and friends would have given-Jesus,he knows how to make you exceedingly happy and internally glad,just spend your day reminiscing in his goodness and you'll be more than happy.
Personally I don't like christmas,not sad memoirs but you see,I never really had a childhood when I was a lass,and christmas matters from childhood,I was used to going shopping for xmas,buy all we needed and get back inside,no playing no friends no visiting,just us and us,I didn't really fancy xmas coz I love my family,we are just 2,my younger brother and I so that should tell you what it meant,loads of kids never liked us coz they said we were snobs and today we still have troubles flowing this season but I thank God for people that has over the years shown us too much love,it went a long way.
Plenty hugs to anyone out there that even feels a tinge of loneliness,if you feel too sad,just beep me or send a mail,I'll call you till you say stop.
I love you all and I mean it,may God continually make his light shine on you and uphold you with his right hand,victory is yours in every situation you find yourself,in 2011 you'll be relevant in every facet of your life,spiritually,financially,in the society,in this nation,at every where you find yourself,the eternal rock of ages is your God.Be strong and be of good courage.
Wish I could go on and on but my heart is full and I won't exhaust it.
Just lemme know if you need a talk.God bless y'all.
Seun,I care.
Olumide xxx.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another thing is.....

Satan has failed,he thought I won't blog before this year goes,I even tried twice like I started typing then,na so so thing happen.
You see,I thank God,he's done more than enough for me and I'm too happy,before I continue,that my secret blog reader,Uhum,just know.
I'm having a problem keeping up with my guys,they are becoming too plenty and exams are getting too much.
The Latest:His name is Jackson,pls get it straight this guy is hotttt.Jeez,I mean it.Met him when I went to recharge my modem and he works at Zenith bank and happened to be there at that time,it was a bit hot there and I was sweating despite the AC,so I was fanning myself in my Ajebo manner only for Mr Hotter to come close and offer to help me fan myself,I snobbed him but he kept bothering and I kept saying excuse me,the guy left came back and snatched my handbag from me and went away,I shouted thief and everyone sprang after him,only for him to turn round and say ''how can I steal from my wife?''I was amused,well that led to it and I tell you it s been nth but sizzling,we even went on a photo shoot and he registered me in a games club,paid for my spa sessions,bought my most expensive item for me,Jack Jack Jack.I discovered yesterday that he's single and thoughts are forming in my head,as for Mr somehow Hot(remember him),I banged a call on him and he couldn't call back,well I know that's my husband,that yeye boy,mschewww.
Met this dude at the airport that is about to print wedding cards of me and him when I don't even know his surname and to crown it all up,a girl kissed me,phewww,that's for another day but God I was shocked,though I admire her boldness,yes that guy that is scared of me,did a pix of me making emphasis on my bum,when I asked him why he said the most annoying thing I've ever heard,never mind but you can guess.
Life's been good and I'm tagging these people
Myne Whitman
The nitty gritty tales of a housewife
The philosopher's diary
Sweetness unveiled
The truth.
I love you all and God's on the throne forever.
Seun,I care a great deal about

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Bless God.I'm so happy today oh.can't even explain,last I posted was on mummy's birthday,so been busy trying to clean up after then,yea I was supposed to go swimming with that crush g,but my childhood lover,was doing a birthday week,dunno what the thing is with b/days but I don't care,so much fun ehnn,oh bum shorts,boobs baring tops and stilettos high enough to ???I've been so high then all of a sudden Mr somehow hot,ah han,comes out of no where and I'm like where the hell has this guy been?and he's so sorry 'bout how things have been and he has realised I can do without him but he's not so sure he can do without me,''smh'',he wants us to start afresh and he will MARRY me,na like that,plus he'll do anything I want,OMG,now he should have watched his tongue coz I want him outta my life but I don't say it,menh,I feel too hot,see short me o???I just couldn't stop blushing,serzly I blush a lot,a whole lot even though my heart is not there,mummy says it's what makes me a gurl.well,that guy is rich and he makes me comfy,my childhood lover makes me girlish and happy,the crush makes me proud,all others make me mad but they're there and they can just go and screw themselves,btw there's a new person,John,OMG,hot is an understatement,so which one do I???''you know?''
Lovely weekend people,for me it's groove to a fault.yes I'll be careful.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy meah

It was with so much joy,so so much joy,thought I'd get the number wrong,didn't try twice and was wondering if I really wanted to do it,then after much timbo timbo las calaba ti ti alaba kpos,I dial the number and what it rang and another feather to my expensive and all ready excessively feathered cap I spoke with th number 1 blogger in naija and in the world as far as I'm concerned and I'm concerned,well nice deep beautiful voice with a rich,sincere laughter,allah,I envy Atalawalawala,lolz.
Yes this weekend I'm going swimming with my supposed BF,I don't know how to say no but I've invited my crush and he's coming with promissory notes of making Mr somehow hot go green with envy,chuckles,I can't wait.
I'll keep you updated on what's up and pls pray for me,I hate to swim.
MW,I like you loadz.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Alright,back to normal,my life the past few weeks has been circulating around very funny mysterious stuff,but I'm back.Ok,the guy that's supposed to be my BF,yea yea Mr somehow hot,came to church today and he came with his bride,ehn ehn,no strings,the girl just wants him back,but he doesn't want and he doesn't know,I was smokey hot today so my self confidence had shoot up even higher than normal,I didn't even care a hoot if anyone was watching,there's this fool I have a crush on,Sam,he's so fine and hunky but he wouldn't see so,he's a nerd and that's why I like him,and he's a fool 'coz he's scared of me,well,after service,I went over to him and told him we should go swim together,he agreed after much arguement 'bout how he can't stand being seen with me,so we went swimming and I can't swim so I told him my life was in his hands,got so disgusted at the end of it coz the foolish boy did nth than remain under the H20 for fear of talkin with me and when he pops his head out will ask me what I've been sayin,we went to have some drinks and he said he wouldn't drink coz he's filled wit the pools H2O,I had to laugh,well he almost spoilt my day but the high point is my supposed BF came around and saw us,I saw a green-eyed monster today and I still have a crush on that dude.
P.S. I paid for the swim session.Mtchewww

Saturday, October 2, 2010



Thursday, September 2, 2010


I woke up this morning on a very sad note,headache even accompanied the sadness,you see,life is no bed of roses,one way or the other you need to put up with one mishap or mischief.
Here's what happened.There is this girl I met and initially I despised her or I didn't care if she existed,like it is with everyone I dunno,she had a very good appearance and she's a superb dancer but to me she was just there.Eventually we got talking,and even though I kept my distance,I started liking her,after a while of our friendship,she got married,so the friendship started slipping away,then she was pregnant and then one day she invited me to her house,I didn't know her place as that was going to be my first time there but I maneuvered till I got there,that day remains the worst day of my life.
We got talking and then we started talking 'bout men of God,she started telling me 'bout their infidelities and rampant sex ordeal and about lesbianism and sugar mummies and the likes,I was amazed at the level of her knowledge about the whole thing and the major xter was my best friend,well I had to contribute sth to the discussion and even though I can't really remember what I said,the little I said has cost me all.Unknown to me,this was a set-up to make me divulge things that happen btw my best friend and I and my young innocent mind and head fell for it,the girl blackmailed me and my best friend,said both the ones I said and the ones I didn't say,threatened to go to the papers and did the worst by coming home to tell my parents,she even tried to siphon sms from my phone to hers so they'll be her proof,now my parents are ???,I'm almost losing my best friend,I'm hiding at where no one knows and I'm even afraid she might kill me,my only strength is my best friend and at the moment he's so disappointed in me,the guy that is supposed to be my BF is also disappointed and I'm feeling like another suicide victim,
I decided to post this 'coz I can't bear it anymore or with anyone that knows me closely,I'm so worried that I can't even bath not to mention eat,I posted this 'coz all those things are lies,lies and more lies.
Well if any of you that is part of story gets to read this just know that I hate all of you,for giving me such amount of misery,I hate y'all and I promise all of you,I'll get back to you one after the other.Trust me on that.
For you my best friend,I wish you were in my heart to know what's going on,I know you won't believe me,I know I've disappointed you but I want you to know that I love you still with all of me and I'm also disappointed in you,you've left me to fight this alone,it's alright,I'll win this case and for my parents I thought you knew ur daughter,but it appears you don't,I can hardly say a thing to convince you now but please believe me I did none of those things.
Readers,well this is it,you might not really understand it,but serzly I feel a little better than some minutes ago.I'll say this,DON'T TRUST ANY ONE PLEASE.
It's a plea.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Blogvilles,I'm sorry,just realised the last time I posted was May 17,hmm,to be very candid I'm sort of lazy but I'm not lazy when it comes to writting it's just that school has choked me,I'm not tired but I'm not able to do other things.
First I want to apologise to MW for fuckin up(I'm sorry Myne,I know you understand,had so many exams,that's one disadvantage of being a paramedical student,hope you understand)
With that I promise to post next week,abeg,till you all plenty.
This post was meant for Myne Whitman.
Waky dodo or juju or dudu,lol,love you sha.

Monday, May 17, 2010

see what I MEAN


It's saturday and it's damn hot,been trying all morning to see how I could post on my blog,(that's my punishment for being a computer illiterate),don't blame me,I'm a lazy girl but I really want to make Waky proud and make nyself happy.
I've had my bath 5 times and I prefer that to swimming,I've got a phobia for water or rather:mmong anem ke cup.
It's my dialect's way of saying-water is sweeter in the cup.
Yesterday something funny happened to the guy that's supposed to be y boyfriend,there's this girl he thinks she isn't worth shit,he kinda tries to avoid her but she feels he's her man.
Yesterday the bride(as I call her) came from her school(from another state)to spend the night with Mr.somehow hot.He called me and was telling me of the latest development and how he feels,yeah,I laughed my best or what else what i suppose to do?
I don't get jealous so easily,God blessed me with self-confidenceenough for a whole state and I don't joke with it,well,the bride went back this morning on okada.
i felt bad for her.
A lot of girls really need to do some homework on their self-esteem,no girl deserves some of the trauma they face and the bad part is,they bring it on themselves,I think guys respect every girl that respect herself.
I'm very gender-conscious but I don't like these pep talks that favour girls more than boys,I know we're morw special than the guys-anatomically,physiologically,psychologically,spiritually Yeah,in every possible ramifications but the truth is this pep talks on speciality of the female makes us think with our hearts instead of our heads and,boy,that's dangerous.
By the way,I trust Mr,somehow hot to know they didn't go further than french kissing.


I came home to see your note
You said you couldn't bear it anymore
My screams,my misery,my guts,
You said you couldn't bear it anymore
You said you were gone.

You're Gone?
After all these years?
Left me alone?
Oh dear one,there's so much to bear,
You said you were gone.

I cried and wept and mourned
Just for a day,
You're gone
But i've not missed my way
Instead,I've had so much done.

I washed my hair and ironed my dress
I sang a song instead of groaning and murmuring
I took a walk to ease the stress-
(instead of cursing a nd wailing)
And I didn't move into a moving lorry.

I didn't take a handful of sleeping pills
or find a rope to hang on my neck,
I haven't forgotten to pay up my bills
or mistakenly hit the deck
You said you were gone.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I made a list of ten
a list with my blue pen
a list of who and who
a list for the eyes of men

1. First,God,as it ought to be
Next is You,my life,my love and all.
Next is you, my endless love
Next is You, my hero.

5. Then You,my pride
Then You,my hope,the hope i cling to
And again,You, my Baby
Then You.
You,my Everything

10. Me,Its for you

I made a list of ten
a list of for the eyes of men
I made a list of ten
There it is....


To some it's a bed of roses
to some the roses om the bed have thorns
to others,it's a bed with no rose.

To some,it's a mystery
to some,it's a revelation,
to others,it's all history.

To some it's beautiful
to others,what ciuld be more ugly
but to some,the beauty is not full.

To some it's tragic
to some,it's normal,
to others,it is romantic.

To some,it's being the best
to others,it's being just average,
yet,to some,it's being the rest.

To some,it's all about people
to some,it's all about themselves
and to others,it's all about people.