Sunday, June 19, 2011


heyloo,dearies,yes,I know I promised to stay but yhu see,yhu never know how unforseen circumstances look like,till they are staring at yhu in the face.Well,to be frank,typing on my phone sucks,my modem developed some silly problems and that's the first problem,then,my 2nd love,silverbird galleria has stolen me away from the web,It's not just the movies but the fun I have with the people I meet there and then the whole pop corn game,I spend my day there and its paying off,I don't how sha!But that place takes all my time.
Thirdly and most importantly,cut the modem,cut the cinema and the pop corn,sometimes I just feel like this whole thing was my idea of a joke,yea I mean blogging,noo,I adore my followers and I think of them a lot,16 amazing people that clicked follow either because I asked them to or whatever,I adore other bloggers,let's not go there but sometimes I just feel like I'm alone in a crowded hall.It's like nobody cares as long as they get going but yhu left behind and that's what keeps me away,maybe I'm not working too hard and that goes back to blaming my modem ''wiping tears'',but I'll be back at least for someone's sake,he cared enough to follow me outside here,yes oh,he :D
Serzly,I miss everything but wait I've been dropping comments nah it's just that I never do my own post,abi? It hasn't been easy oh but trust me I know how to make myself happy even in the midst of difficulties,somebody give me high 5.
Now,I want to talk about something. Few days ago,my younger brother that just came back from abroad with muscular shoulders and cute side burns,deep voice and all'o that,slapped me.yes oh,no shout whattt and he posted on twitter that he would slap me again,now,Gretel acts before she thinks,I was already dialing my dad,which is also abroad,if he hears it,my bros is as good as dead but the holy spirit stopped me,then I dialed an SSS friend that knows nth else but to fight for me but again the holy spirit stopped me,then I did the one thing I do when I can't do what I wanted to do,when I'm helpless and weak,when everything around me shouts ''ajebo,do yhur own make we see,yhu only get mouth abi?'' I went to church,knelt on the altar and prayed and cried and I was careful what I said because anytime I get to that point,God answers me!
Hmm,I'll spare yhu details of what happened but I believe that no matter what a girl or woman does,a man who is not her ''Father'' should not hit her.Even if yhu are my husband,let's face it,we are two strangers that got to know and love each each other and try to make things work,I'm not yhur younger sister or maid,yhu have no right to hit me,correct me if I'm wrong but I know better,yea I told my brother all that but this is the first time I knew I could actually forgive someone,but is it right?why am I even asking,it's not jor,see ehn,I'm a very jelly person though I act rock sometimes,if yhu slap me or hit m,I will cry so teyy,hm,then my skin,ever sensitive,will start acting funny,swollen and puffy,so i hate where ther's struggle or dirt and all that,it affects me,yhu rather cheat on me than hit me,I won't condone it,I will use my little connections and fight back.
But why do some men do that?yhu trying to prove yhu are a man?but I know yhu are a man,for pete's sake yhu don't have boobs abd vagina,yhu've have a dick,that makes me know yhu are a man,so why try to prove it?ok,that's not all that makes yhu a man but definitely hitting a woman is NOT just one of them,abi?It's a man with low self esteem and inferiority complex,and a coward that proves he's a man by using his fist,place those men in the boxing ring and they become toothless,that's if they make it outta there alive.
Well,I don't know what yhu think but that's my own.
Hm,on a random note,I'm getting close to single,I hope I meet someone at the other side,hope yhu understand.
Love yhu so much,mwahhhhhhhhhhh.....
This post was not long abi? :D


Emeka Amakeze said...

Seriously, you're never alone and here is definitely not a crowded hall.

And by the way, I emphatically say no to the hitting thing.

Myne Whitman said...

You know we're here for you right? I'm not beefing you, wish we were able to see while I was in naija. I'm sorry your brother slapped you, he needs someone to tell him that is not appropriate in any way. Hope you both talk over it sha. Take care dear, and keep living and enjoying life to the full.

MsJB said...

No love, don't ever feel like that. I'm always clicking this page just to be sure that I didn't miss the notification on my dashboard or something. It's good to see you pop in sometimes even if it's once in a while but pls, don't go totally MIA on us :)

And I'm really really sorry about your brother. I hope he learns that it's totally wrong what he did, at least at that age(well I sensed that from the muscles and all), it cannot be excused because he'll soon be responsible for a woman.

DIDI said...

Your Brother needs to be talked to coz its not acceptable,hitting a woman is not right at all.Same goes to the women coz lately i see some of Ya`all have gone BLAKIE-CHAN.bursting moves and stuff. Domestic violence has to be stopped,and by stopped i mean with Prayers.

I noticed u love movies and U love to hang out @ Silver Bird,U got competition baby. I do too!! i`m even heading there after this comment lol

Thanks for Following moi,i`m here to actually stalk you every where. facebook,twitter, follow me @itsDiDi. doing the same tooo.. 1 last thing, u not alone in a crowded hall :)

gretel said...

@ Emeka,thanks loadz,I take yhur word.
@ Myne,now that's what I call emotional bribe,lol,thanks so much,I'm finally smiling,wish I saw yhu when yhu came but there'll be a next time,i'm still beefing my brother sha.
@ MsJB yhu almost made me shed a tear,aww,thanks loadz,really appreciate yhu,thanks for being there even when I'm not there,don't mind my brother,he needs attention.
@ Didi,lolz at Blankie Chan,didn't know Jackie had a counterpart,so yhu wanna compete with me on cinema,ok,make we see nah.So yhu playing stalking,oya make we see nah!

Tamunoibifiri Mobolaji-Kamson said...

hello just become a follower..Thanks for the comment on my blog.
Sorry your brother slapped you. he had no right to do that. But i hope that you are cool now.
Anyways do take care and keep in touch.

Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken said...

finally made it to your are definitely not alone here so don't feel that way...I'm sorry about your bro and like Myne said hope you two talked it out communication is very important expecially when one hurts another or do something you dislike

gretel said...

@Tamunoibifri,thank yhu so much we are not cool yet but we'll be soon.Thanks so much
@ Ms Yellow Sisi,thanks loadz,we havent spoken since then but he's been forgiven.Tank chu. :D

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

First time here and I like your do write again
As for your brother, let's just say he's luck to have a sister like you.
I know at least 3 women who would have had him dealt with badly
Stay strong

gretel said...

awwwwww,NIL,thanks forstopping by,will do.
I just ad to forgive him and I know he's lucky.

The Corner Shop said...

Wow!! I hope you guys have a good talk with your brother! Hitting women is not even cool, on any level!!

Hope you're good hon

The Corner Shop

@ilola said...

Now, you have more than 16 followers and I am one of them. lol
On a serious note, I think you gys have to do something about your brother's action lest he becomes a wife batterer in future. That will be so sad
First time here and following
Please, check out my blog at

gretel said...

@ Adiya,I'm cool,thank yhu
@ @ilola,yeaa tanks so much for following,I'm running over to yhur blog now.
I'm praying for himand I know God will answer me.

Gbemisoke said...

You've sure got way more that 16 followers now cos I'm following too :o)

I do not think you should let your brother off lightly. I'm not saying don't forgive him, you should, but forgiving him is not enough.
He needs to learn that this kind of behavior is NOT okay. That way, he won't repeat it, not to you, or any other woman for that matter. You need to love him enough to ensure that he learns his lessons.
I would call my dad if I were you. Keeping quite would do no one any good. Please think about it and help your bother become a better man

gretel said...

Gbemisoke,yhu almost brought tears to my eyes,I was talking about 16 followers now Ihve 26 and yhu are one of them.
yea,we need to handle my brother but how do yhu handle someone that doesn't listen to anyone,I'll try my best but I pray God helps him.
thanks so much,xoxo

Muse Origins said...

PS. I've changed my blog url! I decided to keep the blog on Blogger after all. Check out the link: Sorry for the inconvenience X_x

Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)

Anonymous said...

First time here...thanks for commenting in my for your brother slapping you, i don't like, don't worry, you would meet someone, i second Emeka o! :D

gretel said...

Ibhade,thanks so much for stopping by,I appreciate yhu,yes I pray I find someone,lol.
@Muse origin,I already checked yhu out but I can't post comment on yhur blog,dunno why.

Anya Posh said...

this was so sad to read. sorry o. feel better. and mbok, use paragraphs and better spacing. I take God beg you. this was hard to read.

gretel said...

@ Anya Posh,did I see "mbok" somewhere,OMG,I'm thrilled.awww.
sorry about the paragraphing,I typed it on my phone but point noted :D

Ginger said...

Sorry to hear you got slapped by your bro. hugs. Hope you guys have ironed your differences out now.

Dont stress about blogging. you will find your rhythm. even if it's once a month. no pressures okay!


Ginger said...

Now I understand..hope you told him real men beat eggs? lol!!

gretel said...

Thank yhu so much,ginger,God bless yhu,yes oh,real men beat eggs.

The Truth said...

Yeah. Only One Thing:

I would like to have a 'conversation' with that brother of yours. Tell him I said it. He should please come looking for me.