Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I'm going to be a year older tomorrow,precisely 21,and what can I say than God is faithful.I am happy about it and about me,which is quite unusual,birthdays are usually normal for me,I love em but I'm composed about it.
God is faithful.
I have been thro a lot and I have seen both good and bad but in all,I have not been crushed.The women of faith song-I'm pressed but not crushed,persecuted not abandon,struck down but nor destroyed keeps ringing in my head and heart.For everything I've been thro,I thank God.
God is fathful.
He saw me through university and all through my project and I wasn't defiled by any lecturer,I mention this coz I was a constant victim of those approach,I was almost expelled from,thanks to one silly gurl named Goodnews(the exact opp of her name) but God did not only disgrace her but disgraced all those that supported her,one of them who was my HOD was sacked,everyone knew that God was fighting for me,I was freed.....
God is faithful.
He has given me people that bear my burden in their hearts,all I need to do is worry and they take care of those worries,he gas given me a good friends that adore me,he has given me a remarkable friend,Eazy Murphatt and a best friend too,a sweet sister and friend,Waky juju and a good BF too :D,a sweet brother and also parents and the best God dad in the world,I could go on and on but let me say God is faithful,I'm excited abt it,I dunno why.I might or might not celebrate it,I dunno yet sha but there'll be food and drinks sha.
God is faithful.
I dunno how to do blog giveaways,I've been planning to ask myne how she does it coz I'll love to give sth out but I dunno how to do all the link thingy,poor computer illiterate :D
I want to thank blogsville for ushering me into a new phase of life and providing an avenue where I could run to when I can't handle the sorrows of this world,yhu people have been my main people.I love yhu so so much.
To all my followers,Myne-my big sis,Waky-my twinnie and best friend,Adiya-my new love,Crown Chronicles-my very inspiring blogger,Tomboxe-my NCC partner,The truth-my dear friend,Remiroy-my most talented blogger,Aww,Sweetness-my blog sister,sassy trends,victor,some I don't even know,I love yhu people.thank yhu for identifying with me,I'll make yhu proud''sobbing''.
My secret admirers,my friends,Joseph Omotayo all of yhu ahh,Doll,Abigail NY,the hottest babe in fashion,Miss JB,I wouldn't let yhu oh,fine gal no pimples,seshe jamess,fashion star;I gbadu yhu oh,unyime Ivy king,I don't know yhu but thanks for the follow,I love all of yhu so much,God bless yhu,all of yhu and take yhu to the height yhu wanna reach.
Follow me on twitter at @G5R1T2EL and drop a tweet so I can follow back,if yhu wanna wish ne happy birthday on phone,lemme try what Myne did +2340802-0-4-40. Three dashes,the first when yhu multiply the first two prime numbers,the answer is that,ahann,maths don show nah,the 2nd dash-1,000,000 subtractes 999,999=?,the third dash-543 subtracts 542=?
I love mathematics oh.pls work it out honey bunch,don't frown this is no stattistics :D.
Please be courteous enough to tell me ''Happy birthday'' in full if yhu are messaging or tweeting,don't even piss me with that h/bday stuff :D,I'm grinning a lot,thanks to Adiya :D.
Thank yhu people,thankss for reading to the end,catch ya later,muahhxxx.
Hope no one is tired yet,of the kisses nah???

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I want to start Business

Good morning my friends,in as much as that sounds weird,I want to start business,not buying and selling oh but I want to offer services to a set of people.I want to start DATING SERVICES.I'm not doing it coz I'm bored NONONO NO,I just graduated from a leadership institute last week and so many things came to me,yes in terms of vision and dreams and I've talked it out with my friend and he said it's a good idea but I want to hear from others,this is the idea,I'm not doing it for money(even though that will come later)by God's grace I'm very comfortable,I'm doing it coz it's part of my Destiny in life,it's one of God's purposes for me and I know its coming to fulfillment,right now I'm starting with myself,reading books,surfing the net,understanding a man and a woman at different angles and getting to know all I need to know coz I want to satisfy my clients,I need a lot of things but I trust God they are coming,I've not told my parents coz they'll discourage me as usual,I'm even tired of talking to them.I want to make a big step after my research is partially completed by making complimentary cards,I want people to get to know me,the little problem I have is how to get people to know they need counseling even to make their relationships work,as my friend would call it,I'm a SHRINK,hard to admit but it's kinda true,but I'm ready to work the essence,I want to do sth different,yes I know this is not so new but I want to make christ the basis of this business not temperaments or anything of the sort but sth close to it.Okay lemme not bore yhu I'm kinda excited that's it and I already have a client,hehe,my friend Murphatt.Well,that's it people,I need yhur little advice it's so important to me.Thank yhu.
Waky,hope yhu read this oh.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


whoosshhhh,finally,I get to blog and I am angry,I don't even know where to start but maybe I should say God forgive me coz by now I would have had more than 12 followers.
So many things culminated to it and I'll spare yhu the details coz I'm finally here.I can't even remember the last time I read another person's post coz I don't get to read my mails again,don't ask why,I've been busy with nothing but all that is over and I mean it.
First,I miss NS,yea naija stories,I miss it so much and since I'm not going to have a grand reception on my return,I won't return soon and I just pity all these my endless diary entries that are stacked in some drawers.
Then I miss blogging,being the first or among the first to comment on myne's blog or bella naija,Ivory Malinov's blog,goshhh,Remiroy,The truth(I know I didn't miss much there sha, ;-) ),Morenike's blogspot,Tejumohlahh,kai ehnn,than my blog twinnie,Sweetness,how I stumbled on her,I won't forget,coz her first post I read gave birth to my endless diary entries,God be with her.
I miss some blog toasters,yhu know some secret admirers like that,yesss,anonymous,I miss them so much,I miss everything sef,to celebrate my return I'm going to change my settings abi,that's what it's called and try add a picture to my profile,that one go hard sha.
HYAW,I hope she sees this,berra come back to blogging.I miss the Philosopher's diary and most esp Temiville's blog though she doesn't follow my blogspot,that na beef doh.
It's been a wonderful time with me sha,so so many happenings but we thank God oh.If yhu remember Mr somehow hot,yeaaaa,he came on his knees after 3 weeks of the break,yes I accepted but trust me sth new has come up,I'm going to be alittle secretive on this one sha,coz it's a big one and an eternal one but it's hot and I love it.yeaa,he's hot''ting'' up with other babes and I don't know em coz I,Gretel,''shrugging my shoulders against my top'' is too much to be deceived ehn,yhu hear?I'm always 1 or 2 inch higher up there.
Alright people,mum's calling so,later lovies later.
See ya,muaahhh,pls don't be tired of the kiss,I'm not only a serial kisser,I'm a good kisser. ;-)
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