Wednesday, July 6, 2011


To some it's a bed of roses
to some the roses om the bed have thorns
to others,it's a bed with no rose.

To some,it's a mystery
to some,it's a revelation,
to others,it's all history.

To some it's beautiful
to others,what ciuld be more ugly
but to some,the beauty is not full.

To some it's tragic
to some,it's normal,
to others,it is romantic.

To some,it's being the best
to others,it's being just average,
yet,to some,it's being the rest.

To some,it's all about people
to some,it's all about themselves
and to others,it's all about people.


9jaFOODie said... me it is what you make of it. Good one :)

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

To me, it's still a mystery
Good thoughts there

Anonymous said... a GIFT.

Thank you for this poem :)

DIDI said...

To me Its a never Ending soap opera.Just do the best You can and make good Use of the Opportunities & time U get to star in this Soap Opera coz even after your are gone the story continues. I LOVE THE POEM

Gbemisoke said...

lovely poem...
Reminds me that what's more important than what I'm going through is how I choose to respond to it.

I wasn't sure how you would take my comments about the incident with your bro. You could've been like "what's her own sef?"
I'm glad I could help.

gretel said...

@ 9ja foodie,yeaa,it'ss def how yhu want it to be,thank you
@ NIL,it's def a mystery,some of us still don't get this life.
@ Ibhade,hmm,I missed that one abi?
ok here it goes
YET TO OTHERS "thinkinggg,abeg someone help me here oh,do I say "LIFT"???,lol thanks sha!
@ Didi,wow,never ending soap opera,thank you.

@ Gbemisoke,thanks,thanks,thanks, a great deal,yhu were of a great help,I'm already talking to him bit by bit.xoxo

Faisons-Y! said...

To me, it's unfolding... the best is yet to come; it's only almost dawn, not daylight yet!
Really, what's life to you, Gretel?

gretel said...

thanks @Faisons-Y!,it's almost daylight for me IJN
life is a gift,a beautiful gift.

Ginger said...

You got it Gretel, life is a mystery. I love the surprises and twists. Even when it is bad, you know the phase is not cast in stone... there is always something new at the next bend.

Thanks for all the comments. Love them!!

gretel said...

thanks ginger,yea,no phase is cast in stone,there's sth new at the bend.
thanks for followind :D

Myne Whitman said...

I'm sad, so you decided to stop writing on NS?

gretel said...

OH NOOOOO,myne it's so not so,I've actually returned to NS,but I have my post yet to be submitted,I'm really sorrry,so is that why yhu.....?
thanks sha.