Thursday, April 14, 2011

I want to start Business

Good morning my friends,in as much as that sounds weird,I want to start business,not buying and selling oh but I want to offer services to a set of people.I want to start DATING SERVICES.I'm not doing it coz I'm bored NONONO NO,I just graduated from a leadership institute last week and so many things came to me,yes in terms of vision and dreams and I've talked it out with my friend and he said it's a good idea but I want to hear from others,this is the idea,I'm not doing it for money(even though that will come later)by God's grace I'm very comfortable,I'm doing it coz it's part of my Destiny in life,it's one of God's purposes for me and I know its coming to fulfillment,right now I'm starting with myself,reading books,surfing the net,understanding a man and a woman at different angles and getting to know all I need to know coz I want to satisfy my clients,I need a lot of things but I trust God they are coming,I've not told my parents coz they'll discourage me as usual,I'm even tired of talking to them.I want to make a big step after my research is partially completed by making complimentary cards,I want people to get to know me,the little problem I have is how to get people to know they need counseling even to make their relationships work,as my friend would call it,I'm a SHRINK,hard to admit but it's kinda true,but I'm ready to work the essence,I want to do sth different,yes I know this is not so new but I want to make christ the basis of this business not temperaments or anything of the sort but sth close to it.Okay lemme not bore yhu I'm kinda excited that's it and I already have a client,hehe,my friend Murphatt.Well,that's it people,I need yhur little advice it's so important to me.Thank yhu.
Waky,hope yhu read this oh.


Tomboxe said...

Hehehehehe! Mrs. Hitch.

gretel said...

Tomboxe how could yhu?what now,please?

The Corner Shop said...

Do you know, my friends and i have discussed something like this and we concluded it would be cool. Your spiritual spin is the catcher here too. Think Hitch hehe!!

Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog! I'm now following :D


gretel said...

Adiya,thanks so much for stopping by,I will think more than hitch oh,yea the spiritual thing is necessary.Thanks for the encouragement.Thanks for the follow.You have a superb blog.