Saturday, December 25, 2010


I didn't plan to do this post today and don't even think it's boring here,far from it,in fact it's like Jesus was born in my house but I just read Temiville's post and it brought tears to eyes and I felt like encouraging someone.
You see there's nothing like a good family and I tell you the more the merrier but when there's no family,there's nothing like good friends,when you can't be with any at a time like this,there's sorrow and all manners of feeling but there's still one friend that gives joy that surpasses every kind that family and friends would have given-Jesus,he knows how to make you exceedingly happy and internally glad,just spend your day reminiscing in his goodness and you'll be more than happy.
Personally I don't like christmas,not sad memoirs but you see,I never really had a childhood when I was a lass,and christmas matters from childhood,I was used to going shopping for xmas,buy all we needed and get back inside,no playing no friends no visiting,just us and us,I didn't really fancy xmas coz I love my family,we are just 2,my younger brother and I so that should tell you what it meant,loads of kids never liked us coz they said we were snobs and today we still have troubles flowing this season but I thank God for people that has over the years shown us too much love,it went a long way.
Plenty hugs to anyone out there that even feels a tinge of loneliness,if you feel too sad,just beep me or send a mail,I'll call you till you say stop.
I love you all and I mean it,may God continually make his light shine on you and uphold you with his right hand,victory is yours in every situation you find yourself,in 2011 you'll be relevant in every facet of your life,spiritually,financially,in the society,in this nation,at every where you find yourself,the eternal rock of ages is your God.Be strong and be of good courage.
Wish I could go on and on but my heart is full and I won't exhaust it.
Just lemme know if you need a talk.God bless y'all.
Seun,I care.
Olumide xxx.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another thing is.....

Satan has failed,he thought I won't blog before this year goes,I even tried twice like I started typing then,na so so thing happen.
You see,I thank God,he's done more than enough for me and I'm too happy,before I continue,that my secret blog reader,Uhum,just know.
I'm having a problem keeping up with my guys,they are becoming too plenty and exams are getting too much.
The Latest:His name is Jackson,pls get it straight this guy is hotttt.Jeez,I mean it.Met him when I went to recharge my modem and he works at Zenith bank and happened to be there at that time,it was a bit hot there and I was sweating despite the AC,so I was fanning myself in my Ajebo manner only for Mr Hotter to come close and offer to help me fan myself,I snobbed him but he kept bothering and I kept saying excuse me,the guy left came back and snatched my handbag from me and went away,I shouted thief and everyone sprang after him,only for him to turn round and say ''how can I steal from my wife?''I was amused,well that led to it and I tell you it s been nth but sizzling,we even went on a photo shoot and he registered me in a games club,paid for my spa sessions,bought my most expensive item for me,Jack Jack Jack.I discovered yesterday that he's single and thoughts are forming in my head,as for Mr somehow Hot(remember him),I banged a call on him and he couldn't call back,well I know that's my husband,that yeye boy,mschewww.
Met this dude at the airport that is about to print wedding cards of me and him when I don't even know his surname and to crown it all up,a girl kissed me,phewww,that's for another day but God I was shocked,though I admire her boldness,yes that guy that is scared of me,did a pix of me making emphasis on my bum,when I asked him why he said the most annoying thing I've ever heard,never mind but you can guess.
Life's been good and I'm tagging these people
Myne Whitman
The nitty gritty tales of a housewife
The philosopher's diary
Sweetness unveiled
The truth.
I love you all and God's on the throne forever.
Seun,I care a great deal about