Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't get it twisted.

Hello blogville *waving*,yes,it’s been a while, no apologies sha, I’m doing French programme and computer programme, only me, because my parents won’t let me travel and I can’t stay at home for so long waiting for NYSC, before idleness will make me do the unthinkable.
It’s really hectic but well, God dey. I hail all of una wey too try and biko you can follow me on twitter @Ameikpe I think I’m more relevant there, Myne no be so??? Lol.
Well, this one you are about to read is pure fiction, I’ve never been to that place, I just thought up something, if anybody dares to say “chei, Gretel too badt” well, *spraying pepper in your eye* you better don’t oh, anyway, enjoy.
P.S. it took me loadz of courage to post this, I don’t want anybody thinking off, I don’t want to make another post explaining myself. THIS IS PURE FICTION.
He took his last shot of whisky and another glass of stout and made another vow not to have any more drink for the night. When his sight has started playing tricks on him, he had said that was going to be his last drink, then everything seemed double or triple or was it quadruple and he was talking at the top of his voice, he kept swearing that was going to be his last drink.
The day had been very hectic, stressful and even more annoying. His boss, he preferred to be called GM, embarrassed him before all the junior marketers, calling him all sorts of names all in the name of being “his boss”. He hadn’t done anything wrong, nothing at all, the man just despised him, he didn’t stop there, after smearing his face with shame, he sent on so many silly errands, just to further humiliate him. Jason couldn’t ask for more insults, he kept swearing and mumbling things for the rest of the day. At the close of work, he banged his door and left angrily, his face red and full blooded, he walked out with his mind juggling whether he would come to work the next day or that was his last day there. As he trekked towards the gate o pick a cab, Daniel, his colleague and his friend pulled over and picked him.
They went to a nearby restaurant, placed their orders and chatted for a while about how nice the eatery was. Their food arrived and Jason went about on how unfair life was.
He took his first spoon of rice and spat it, the food tasted like saw dust. He cursed and stared outside the window.
“See ehn” Daniel said “ you don’t have to do this to yourself, we all have our bad day but you have o know how to handle it, if you keep working yourself out like this, you go break down oh”
“Dan, why did it have to be me today, Adeniyi or whatever he calls himself , just sits his fat bum on a chair and thinks of who to use as his toy and his head tells him Jason”.
Daniel giggled.
“Nooo, what did I do wrong? Just tell me, what did I do?” Jason kept saying.
“Jason, who authorized this cheque, Jason, where’s the I-cash folder, Jason who kept the sweet pack there, Jaso your trash can is full, Jason why didn’t you pick the customer line, Jason, Jason, Jasonnn” Jason said mimicking Mr. Adeniyi while Daniel kept laughing.
“Wait” he continued “for Pete’s sake, am I a goddamn IT student, I mean, I—I don’t even sit on the counter oh” he heaved a sigh, stared out of the window while tapping his fingers on the table.
“Calmmm down” Daniel said “it’s not that bad, see these things happen just to test you and-‘’
“whoo whoo whoo” Jason cut in “test me? Wait, Dan, don’t go through all that sermon, don’t I already have enough temptations? What will happen tomorrow, he’ll test me again, what the hell is up?”
“ok, guy, calm down, just think it through, you’ll be fine, ok?”
Jason sighed and shook his head and kept cursing under his breath. “Dem no dey sell drink for here” he sniffed through his teeth.
Dan laughed “so you want carry shaq kill am”
“guy make we comot for here, I need a drink, let’s go down the road, abeg”.
“Ok, fine, anything you want” Daniel kept laughing.
Daniel finished his food and they went to “EVE”. The most renowned stripper’s club.
Echoes of “move your body like a snake girl” could be heard outside. It started drizzling and soon small pellets of rain fell on the windscreen and together they made the sound of an approaching army.
“Hmmm, here we are” Dan heaved. “you are sure you want to go in, I mean it’s raining, I could take you home”
“Guy, the day is still young, aren’t you coming?”
At the door, a young blonde with the cutest nips Jason had ever seen, ushered them in with a wink. His brain did a double flip but he told himself, he’s just here to grab a bottle.
They found an empty seat close to the DJ, another half nude hottie and they sat. Daniel called out to the bartender, whisky, stout, vodka, the guy arrived and they got busy.
“Mehnn, don’t you just like it here”? Jason asked screaming
“Well, it’s not my kinda stuff but, yea, it’s cool”
“C’monn, it’s for a change”
“Yea, yea sure”
“Another glass dude” Jason called out.
A young blonde passed by, put her hands under her firm, full boobs and did a jiggie jiggie.
Daniel laughed.
“Mehn,see those tits, bad thing—you can’t touch”
“Jason, Jason” someone called out.
He turned and recognized the guy. “heyy, my man, what are you doing here?”
Emma, his friend at church, cool dude and alla that.
“Same thing you are doing here, what about your wife?”
“Guy, abeggg, make I relax”
Emma laughed, grabbed a seat and sat with them. He ordered for his drinks and they continued drinking.
The room turns dim, everywhere becomes bright blue, visions become blurred.
“Table for two” plays softly in the background. Nude girls with killer shapes and well-oiled skin drop from the poles in the bar. They tease and wrap their legs around the pole, extend it to the ceiling and reveal a little bit of their secret.
“Shit” Dan called out “we should get out of here oh, we can’t even touch these babes.”
“I can touch my wife” Jason replied and so can Emma”
“uhum” Emma replied. He cleared his throat and shifted in his seat as his trousers became tighter than before.
Hottie drops from the pole, puts her finger into her mouth, takes a lick, walks up to Jason and touches his lips. His John Thomas responded immediately.
“ahannn” he smirked.
Dan was tempted to put his head on the table but he couldn’t afford to let these guys mock him. He crossed his leg to press his stuff as he felt it growing bigger and hotter. Wharrahell.
Jason seemed composed, wasn’t he used to naked boobs dangling everywhere?
“Shit, haha, mehnn, these girls are steamy” Emma whispered. 2 pairs of asses did a waist dance before him and swiftly bent over, then they turned and started kissing each other as passion overwhelmed them.
Dan whimpered and slowly placed his hands on unconsciously Emma’s hips. Another pair of tits passed by his lips, slow enough for him to take a suck, he gave a loud moan and squeezed Emma’s dick. Emma let out a shrill, closed his eyes and stroked the back of Dan’s palm gently.
Two hot demons climbed on their table, took a bottle of vodka and poured it sensuously from their necks as it dripped and covered every part of their body. The other knelt on the table and dipped her finger into her hole and slowly put it in Jason’s lips. Emma couldn’t hold it anymore, he unzipped and brought out his charged bull and began stroking it gently. Dan eyed him and slowly knelt down, grabbed Emma’s ball and shoved it completely into his mouth and began to suck.
Emma shut his eyes and thanked his stars.
“Damn it guys, damn it” Jason screamed but his voice was only a whisper compared to the now blaring music, he stood up to grab Dan but wet hottie pushed him back to his seat, slowly gets on her knees, unzips his trousers, dragged out his bull and gave the tip a soft bite.
Jason shut his eyes, shivered, grinned and let out a soft moan. Was her mouth coated with warm caramel or the coldest Henessy in that fucken room? How on earth was she playing her way through this, I mean these chics aren’t supposed to screw anyone, but to the hell, this shawty is--- another soft bite. He dragged her hair and pulled her head downwards.
Everywhere turned dark, the demon was sitting across him, working her tits in his mouth while riding his cock like a horse.
“shit, shit, ahhh, whoo, whoo, yeaa, Stella, Stealla, jeez” Jason kept screaming.
He grabbed her ass and squeezed it, this was the best day of his life.
Fuck Adeniyi, fuck Dan, fuck Emma, fuck his bank, yea, his goddamn bank, fuck ‘em all, fuck them on this hottie.
He couldn’t help it anymore, he started shouting and smacking the ass further, the chair gave way under them but none of them realized it, this demon just kept riding him nuts, he could imagine her boobs doing a wild dance in front of him. He grabbed her two legs up and started pounding into her, charging and screaming, he buried all of his balls into her.
Fuck ‘em all, fuck you, fuck the bank, shit, Stella, fuck you, fuck you, Stella, Stellaaaa.
He had ejaculated. He laid limp upon her.
“Yes” he heard a soft whisper.
He jumped up. “Dan, Emma, who is there?”
“It’s Stella” The soft voice came up beside him.
The lights came on, pierced through his eyes. Everywhere was upside down and seemed deserted, no Dan, no Emma, no DJ, no bartender, no other guest and few hotties lying naked around. Just him, then he turned and looked besides him, his wife Stella, sat there, grinning and smirking her lips.


Sugarcoated said...

wow wow wow

this is just to say, i'm always right here watching.

well, you aint speaking gay or rape

this would be a very refreshing post. no offence, but i have read so much of that today and thought so much of it, i think imma dream of rape.

before i start blabbing, lemme go read your post

Sugarcoated said...

hmmmm, ok

This is very xxx

im not gonna ask any questions cuz ive been fore-warned, but let me just ask: why does the guy have to be Emma, and why does Emma have to be gay, him and Dan licking their balls...eeew

your writing got me captivated while i read, the way you describe the scenes and the actions, though i think you need to work more on the characterization

interesting twist at the end, his wife was either a stripper or he was dreaming. i hope for both their sake he was dreaming.

Nice work, good to know you still write

Sugarcoated said...

hmmm, today is clearly my day. Can i make a third comment.

what the heck has been going on in that x-rated mind of yours *grins*

i think ive caused enough trouble, time to go to bed

Sugarcoated said...

I just cant resist the temptation to make a fourth comment...lwkmd

Sugarcoated said...

five comments would be more like it... taking a bow now. Howz the computer lesson going for you, and to show me how much French you have learnt,your next post should be done in french


My french teacher! What were you thinking when you wrote this post? I wonder the world you were in then. I sincerely give credit to people who write things like this. Well, I am sure you all own it to loads of experience... Hmmm.


Tamunoibifiri Mobolaji-Kamson said...

Wow I must say this you really are a bold writer. My husband always says I should open my mind and write , I should be bold and not allow religion or custom hold me down. Really what where you thinking when you wrote this.
Looking gentle but you sure are not...loll.
I am as captivated as sugarcoated.
Dear I am speechless.
How can I write like this?
Yes I also think you should work on your characterization.
I didn't know you r learning to study french. I love french can read, write, and speak it.

9jaFOODie said...

Waoo.. this is unexpected and raw. well written missy.

gretel said...

sugarcoated a.k.a Olachi, for some reasons I'm going to let your 5 rantings remain there,yeye. Emma was the perfect name for that act, don't go thinking of my BF (idiat) and they weren't dreaming oh :D just so you know, every dog has its day, my turn is coming.Thanks sha.

gretel said...

@ LDP,a.k.a my engaged French student :D thank you very much but just to remind you, I have no experience whatsoever in this.
@ Tamunoibifri I am humbled, all that flatters for me?? well,I think you have a very correct husband,please I'm not gentle oh but I am not that post :D I did send you a message telling you I needed some of your french to rub off on me but you haven't responded yet
@9jafoodie thanks mami.

why am I getting "what went through your mind..." lol

Myne Whitman said...

Ehem! I concur that you're on twitter, but this post. OK! LOL...

Adura Ojo (Naijalines) said...

er...huh? Has someone got a split personality? Just asking oooo, given your previous responses on certain matters. All is well is well in creativity, I guess:)

The Truth said...

This is a side of you I always knew existed IS refreshing and a bit (*) to read. Nice one.

You did well.

MsJB said...

Wow! For this post, all I can say is Wow for now, we'll talk it over on twitter :)
LOL at you spraying pepper on people
You won't kill somebody Gretel

gretel said...

@ Myne ohhh,you made me laugh.
@ AduraOjo I'm going to ignore the first part of your compliment and pick the second line,yes,all is well in creativity.
@ The truth,this part of me doesn't exist,this part of my creativity does exist.*takes a bow*
@ MsJB, shey we are sorting it out nah,I asked you,should I make it Tatashi? :S

Ginger said...

Its getting hot in here!!! Gretel! pour me some cold water. I'm no prude but i couldn't finish. lolsss.

Priscy said...

wow, hmmm, nice piece though, first time here and following, do check out my blog some time too thanx

Iwalewa (Beauty is in the character) said...

lol wowww that was interesting and uhmm I shouldn't have read that... anyways thanks for stopping by again after attacking me lol and I'm now following :)

Toinlicious said...

*cough cough* clearing throat, erm, i think i need a chilled cup of warra

You can check out my blog too (think i'm following urs)

Anonymous said...

ummm... hmmm... ... ... ok!

gretel said...

thanks so much for the comments and understanding and for all the emm,hmm,ummm, abeg drink water WETINNN!!!

Emeka Amakeze said...

I didn't dey there o!

gretel said...

lol Emeka.

Toinlicious said...

Madam, oya come and update o! wuld love a sequel of this hehehe

sweetness said...

Haha i loved the boldness in this post, very different from blogsville material (The ones on my dashboard)
Will there be a sequel? :)