Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No Title

I'm about to become a graduate and I didn't know it could kill,so this is how project is,mehn,so much time,money,rats(and I hate rats),scolding,abuses and then a nympho for a supervisor,that's the height of it,my supervisor is a nympho.Last I met him we had a fight coz I wasn't ready for his rubbish and I ended up smelling like grass hopper coz that's how his perfume...well,everything is just kinda bumpy,my only brother has travelled out for studies so I'm so so lonely,I even cried but I met a new airport agent when I got to the airport,he's nice at least,my dad is,no let's not go there yet,whoosh,I've finally spilt ways with my supposed BF and I intend to announce it publicly where he'll also hear that I'm now so single,I'm so happy I did coz I feel like the madam I have always been,very flimsy things can cause a break up and me(madam-no-nonsense) wouldn't take any nonsense oh.hmm,closed chapter and yes I'm heart broken coz I thought he'll be my husband,Bad riddance to bad rubbish,but I'm happy,so lemme see who's next,I pray it will be Jackson,except he's a wizard coz that guy is my local version of Will Smith and he has a mini power bike and he's such a silly gentle man and his english is impeccable and he's so much like Orlando Bloom and I could go on and on,yes he glitters and he's gold,pray it's him pleaseeeee.
Alright dearies,just my thought and lest I forget Happy belated new year.Muuuuaahh...


Myne Whitman said...

Happy New Year!

The Truth said...

Pele o. How have you been?!

HYAW said...

lol, madam... broken up, awww sorry. missed ya on 2go, hope you aint mourning him to much. you still writing project, I've started mine too. i hear my supervisor is a nympho too but i haven't noticed that, i have just noticed he's a drug addict. take care

Tomboxe said...

Hmmmm... Not saying nothing.

sweetness said...

Excuuuuse me miss
Have you been reading my diary?
Story of my life! Every single detail! Yo this is scary
Projects. Check.
Only brother. Check
Split with BF. Oh frig! CHECK

Lol how's your project coming? Mine's a pain in the ASS!
Love xoxo

gretel said...

myneeee,I so miss yhu,happy new year too.
Seun,I'm fine nah,yhu know.
HYAW,hehehe,miss ya too,be careful of that addict oh,he could be ???
Tomboxeeeee,I say nth.

Sweetness ssss,are yhu serz???even the only brother stuff and BF split,Omyyyy,so I've finally found my blogger twin sister.;-).Project was cool and I had an A and since we share the same diary yhu'll have an A yhu dear.

Thanks peepz,muahhhhxxxxxxx.