Saturday, January 12, 2013

Greetings in the name of .....

I trust that all of you are doing well.
I miss a lot of people but I'll stay true to myself not to talk much!
10 weeks of therapy has done a lot to me! From a vibrant lively girl to a serious melancholy (whatever that means)! I said I won't talk about therapy!
Mine wasn't the worst in the world even though my Dr made it seemed so, but I ate lots of plantain porridge which is what I wanted!

My life has changed! I am no longer battling depression, I just let it consume me and go away when it finishes, I am battling insomnia! The very chronic type! I never saw that shii like this but I'll tell you,its crazy,nobody even believes me,when I say I've not slept for more than 2 hours in 4 months! Pills have defied this one oh!

Yes! Ebila the great :*! Uchenna :*:*! Priscyworld :*:*:*! Kimberly of 7 deadly poets....I love you!
Toin,Myne, I miss you much, and Ginger my sister,much love! Didi :):*! kiSs oh,you're married!

Sugarspring <3 and MsJB...I miss you!
Who else? :*:* share that one!

P.S. I just downloaded @seunodukoya's e-book,its incredible.
P.S(2) I will write about the girls I've kissed! Its also incredible.
P.S(3) what??? *shines eyes* excerpts from my novel, yes my novel!
P.S(4) I need to stop sampling good kissers! Ok,that's actually my new year resolution which so far ain't working!
5) If you ever thought I was you dey craze! JK!