Friday, July 15, 2011


I came home to see your note
You said you couldn't bear it anymore
My screams,my misery,my guts,
You said you couldn't bear it anymore
You said you were gone.

You're Gone?
After all these years?
Left me alone?
Oh dear one,there's so much to bear,
You said you were gone.

I cried and wept and mourned
Just for a day,
You're gone
But i've not missed my way
Instead,I've had so much done.

I washed my hair and ironed my dress
I sang a song instead of groaning and murmuring
I took a walk to ease the stress-
(instead of cursing a nd wailing)
And I didn't move into a moving lorry.

I didn't take a handful of sleeping pills
or find a rope to hang on my neck,
I haven't forgotten to pay up my bills
or mistakenly hit the deck
You said you were gone.

P.S Tis came to mind after a friend told me about her break up and trust me I gave her advice nah,to forget the boy and move on,these small boys(as if I'm older than them,lol) like to raise those things they called shoulders too high,hope yhu like and if yhu going through a break up,this might not be the right approach but this just might be it.
Happy weekend.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


To some it's a bed of roses
to some the roses om the bed have thorns
to others,it's a bed with no rose.

To some,it's a mystery
to some,it's a revelation,
to others,it's all history.

To some it's beautiful
to others,what ciuld be more ugly
but to some,the beauty is not full.

To some it's tragic
to some,it's normal,
to others,it is romantic.

To some,it's being the best
to others,it's being just average,
yet,to some,it's being the rest.

To some,it's all about people
to some,it's all about themselves
and to others,it's all about people.