Sunday, April 3, 2011


whoosshhhh,finally,I get to blog and I am angry,I don't even know where to start but maybe I should say God forgive me coz by now I would have had more than 12 followers.
So many things culminated to it and I'll spare yhu the details coz I'm finally here.I can't even remember the last time I read another person's post coz I don't get to read my mails again,don't ask why,I've been busy with nothing but all that is over and I mean it.
First,I miss NS,yea naija stories,I miss it so much and since I'm not going to have a grand reception on my return,I won't return soon and I just pity all these my endless diary entries that are stacked in some drawers.
Then I miss blogging,being the first or among the first to comment on myne's blog or bella naija,Ivory Malinov's blog,goshhh,Remiroy,The truth(I know I didn't miss much there sha, ;-) ),Morenike's blogspot,Tejumohlahh,kai ehnn,than my blog twinnie,Sweetness,how I stumbled on her,I won't forget,coz her first post I read gave birth to my endless diary entries,God be with her.
I miss some blog toasters,yhu know some secret admirers like that,yesss,anonymous,I miss them so much,I miss everything sef,to celebrate my return I'm going to change my settings abi,that's what it's called and try add a picture to my profile,that one go hard sha.
HYAW,I hope she sees this,berra come back to blogging.I miss the Philosopher's diary and most esp Temiville's blog though she doesn't follow my blogspot,that na beef doh.
It's been a wonderful time with me sha,so so many happenings but we thank God oh.If yhu remember Mr somehow hot,yeaaaa,he came on his knees after 3 weeks of the break,yes I accepted but trust me sth new has come up,I'm going to be alittle secretive on this one sha,coz it's a big one and an eternal one but it's hot and I love it.yeaa,he's hot''ting'' up with other babes and I don't know em coz I,Gretel,''shrugging my shoulders against my top'' is too much to be deceived ehn,yhu hear?I'm always 1 or 2 inch higher up there.
Alright people,mum's calling so,later lovies later.
See ya,muaahhh,pls don't be tired of the kiss,I'm not only a serial kisser,I'm a good kisser. ;-)
This post is titled RAMBLINGSss.


Myne Whitman said...

You're one crazy babe, you know that? LOL...oya stop vexing for me, see I'm the first here abi? Your toasters are missing you on NS o...:)

gretel said...

myneee,I miss ya oh and I don stop vex nah.
My toasters on NS,hahaha,well if yhu wanna know,they followed me out here oh, ;-) hehe.
I'll come back sha but any grand reception?

Tomboxe said...

Hahaha! I hardly read blogs now, I spend too much time being depressed. Anyway, I'm kinda tipsy and I'm not reading straight, and still I'm kinda jealous at the thought of other guys hooking up with MY NCC partner... Love you.

gretel said...

tomboxeeee,love yhu too,yea YHUR NCC partner id still yhurs oh.and please be reading my blog coz I'm reading yhurs darl.I'm equally jealous over yhu ohh :-(

The Corner Shop said...

LOL at this!! Welcome back then. Berra stay :D


gretel said...

Adiya,thanks for stopping by,I'll stay. :D