Saturday, December 25, 2010


I didn't plan to do this post today and don't even think it's boring here,far from it,in fact it's like Jesus was born in my house but I just read Temiville's post and it brought tears to eyes and I felt like encouraging someone.
You see there's nothing like a good family and I tell you the more the merrier but when there's no family,there's nothing like good friends,when you can't be with any at a time like this,there's sorrow and all manners of feeling but there's still one friend that gives joy that surpasses every kind that family and friends would have given-Jesus,he knows how to make you exceedingly happy and internally glad,just spend your day reminiscing in his goodness and you'll be more than happy.
Personally I don't like christmas,not sad memoirs but you see,I never really had a childhood when I was a lass,and christmas matters from childhood,I was used to going shopping for xmas,buy all we needed and get back inside,no playing no friends no visiting,just us and us,I didn't really fancy xmas coz I love my family,we are just 2,my younger brother and I so that should tell you what it meant,loads of kids never liked us coz they said we were snobs and today we still have troubles flowing this season but I thank God for people that has over the years shown us too much love,it went a long way.
Plenty hugs to anyone out there that even feels a tinge of loneliness,if you feel too sad,just beep me or send a mail,I'll call you till you say stop.
I love you all and I mean it,may God continually make his light shine on you and uphold you with his right hand,victory is yours in every situation you find yourself,in 2011 you'll be relevant in every facet of your life,spiritually,financially,in the society,in this nation,at every where you find yourself,the eternal rock of ages is your God.Be strong and be of good courage.
Wish I could go on and on but my heart is full and I won't exhaust it.
Just lemme know if you need a talk.God bless y'all.
Seun,I care.
Olumide xxx.


Strong Self said...

I beg to disagree with you on the line of your post that says; "when you can't be with any (friends or families) at a time like this,there's sorrow and all manners of feeling". It all depends on the kind of atmosphere that you want for yourself. Absence of families, and most especially friends can be fulfilling when you are trying to connect with your inner being in a condition devoid of the trivialities that accompany having them (friends and families)around bring. I'm all alone at home now and I really love it.

I will like you give me a call too as you have promised in the post: My mobile no is 07039176972

sweetness said...

Big hugs right back hun
This christmas was the loneliest ever
Was surrounded by people but...
Anyway heres to better days gretel
I love the picture at the start of the post

gretel said...

Joe,I'm sure absence of fam and friends at christmas isn't fulfilling one bit and I'm also sure christmas isn't also the best time to connect with your inner being,niwayz,hope you have fun and t'was good talking with you.
Sweetnessssss,was so happy to see your reply,oh oh,which I could hug you now and don't worry,there'll be a time you'll never be loneli,cheers to better days k,plenty
the picture is that of my God-dad and I,glad you like,muah

RemiRoy said...

Happy new year Gretel!
Hope you have a fulfilling 365 days.

gretel said...

thanks Roy,wish you the same and with God all things are possible.

The Truth said...

Hey Gretel...happy new year offcially!!!
How are you doing?
Thank you so much for what you do. I appreciate you really.'s to your BBM year...and i just might spring a ......... on you shortly...

Take care and thanks again.