Friday, June 11, 2010


Blogvilles,I'm sorry,just realised the last time I posted was May 17,hmm,to be very candid I'm sort of lazy but I'm not lazy when it comes to writting it's just that school has choked me,I'm not tired but I'm not able to do other things.
First I want to apologise to MW for fuckin up(I'm sorry Myne,I know you understand,had so many exams,that's one disadvantage of being a paramedical student,hope you understand)
With that I promise to post next week,abeg,till you all plenty.
This post was meant for Myne Whitman.
Waky dodo or juju or dudu,lol,love you sha.


Myne Whitman said...

lol, you are one funny lady dear. All the best in your exams and see you soon. Take care.

gretel said...

Myne,you're the first and only
Thanks jare,truth is you're infectious
See you soon.

9jaPhoenix said...

I don't think you're lazy though. And its my first time here...*shrug* may be its because its exactly the way I am... Please come back soon though. We're here waiting. :D

gretel said...

9japhoenix,thanks for stopping by my blog,and also encouraging me,and I promise to post next week though I'll be a lil personal.
Won't keep you waiting for long.

Sassy Trends said...

lol...just like moi...its all a thing of the heart really..

Bumped on this!

gretel said...

Hi sassy,thanks for bumping,It's good to know you're also lazy,wish my mum hears this,yep I agree with you it's a thing of the heart.
Seen my post- see what I mean?

Mola said...

Gretel mama, we r in it together oo i had my last post weeks or months before i posted these new ones..hows school dia? hang in there mwah ...xoxoxo eerm GW no warry abt that hahaha