Monday, May 17, 2010

see what I MEAN


It's saturday and it's damn hot,been trying all morning to see how I could post on my blog,(that's my punishment for being a computer illiterate),don't blame me,I'm a lazy girl but I really want to make Waky proud and make nyself happy.
I've had my bath 5 times and I prefer that to swimming,I've got a phobia for water or rather:mmong anem ke cup.
It's my dialect's way of saying-water is sweeter in the cup.
Yesterday something funny happened to the guy that's supposed to be y boyfriend,there's this girl he thinks she isn't worth shit,he kinda tries to avoid her but she feels he's her man.
Yesterday the bride(as I call her) came from her school(from another state)to spend the night with Mr.somehow hot.He called me and was telling me of the latest development and how he feels,yeah,I laughed my best or what else what i suppose to do?
I don't get jealous so easily,God blessed me with self-confidenceenough for a whole state and I don't joke with it,well,the bride went back this morning on okada.
i felt bad for her.
A lot of girls really need to do some homework on their self-esteem,no girl deserves some of the trauma they face and the bad part is,they bring it on themselves,I think guys respect every girl that respect herself.
I'm very gender-conscious but I don't like these pep talks that favour girls more than boys,I know we're morw special than the guys-anatomically,physiologically,psychologically,spiritually Yeah,in every possible ramifications but the truth is this pep talks on speciality of the female makes us think with our hearts instead of our heads and,boy,that's dangerous.
By the way,I trust Mr,somehow hot to know they didn't go further than french kissing.


Myne Whitman said...

LOL, are you sure? About the bride and Mr somehow hot?

Kudos on your self confidence and I like your blog too.

gretel said...

thanks dear
of course I'm sure of those two.
Your pix is so coooool

My world said...

love this post ;-)

gretel said...

@my world;thanks for reading my post,what's ur blog address?
Would want to know
stay tuned

Mola said...

Gretel love the fact that u said u aint no feminists (not literally) but its true we girls need to start facing our ouwn mistakes and stop blaming d dudes!. Love ur Motto ( its what ill call it) lol at the beginning of ur blog! ok more reading to do...Mr somehow & Bride

gretel said...

Molaaaa,are you shitting me?
How come you're so quick?
I appreciate you.
You given me assignment(more to read lol)

doll said...

am lost...tried to look at ur older mention of Mr. Hot

gretel said...

@ doll
there's no previous history of Mr.somehow hot,he's just somehow hot not very hot.
I'll keep you posted.