Thursday, September 2, 2010


I woke up this morning on a very sad note,headache even accompanied the sadness,you see,life is no bed of roses,one way or the other you need to put up with one mishap or mischief.
Here's what happened.There is this girl I met and initially I despised her or I didn't care if she existed,like it is with everyone I dunno,she had a very good appearance and she's a superb dancer but to me she was just there.Eventually we got talking,and even though I kept my distance,I started liking her,after a while of our friendship,she got married,so the friendship started slipping away,then she was pregnant and then one day she invited me to her house,I didn't know her place as that was going to be my first time there but I maneuvered till I got there,that day remains the worst day of my life.
We got talking and then we started talking 'bout men of God,she started telling me 'bout their infidelities and rampant sex ordeal and about lesbianism and sugar mummies and the likes,I was amazed at the level of her knowledge about the whole thing and the major xter was my best friend,well I had to contribute sth to the discussion and even though I can't really remember what I said,the little I said has cost me all.Unknown to me,this was a set-up to make me divulge things that happen btw my best friend and I and my young innocent mind and head fell for it,the girl blackmailed me and my best friend,said both the ones I said and the ones I didn't say,threatened to go to the papers and did the worst by coming home to tell my parents,she even tried to siphon sms from my phone to hers so they'll be her proof,now my parents are ???,I'm almost losing my best friend,I'm hiding at where no one knows and I'm even afraid she might kill me,my only strength is my best friend and at the moment he's so disappointed in me,the guy that is supposed to be my BF is also disappointed and I'm feeling like another suicide victim,
I decided to post this 'coz I can't bear it anymore or with anyone that knows me closely,I'm so worried that I can't even bath not to mention eat,I posted this 'coz all those things are lies,lies and more lies.
Well if any of you that is part of story gets to read this just know that I hate all of you,for giving me such amount of misery,I hate y'all and I promise all of you,I'll get back to you one after the other.Trust me on that.
For you my best friend,I wish you were in my heart to know what's going on,I know you won't believe me,I know I've disappointed you but I want you to know that I love you still with all of me and I'm also disappointed in you,you've left me to fight this alone,it's alright,I'll win this case and for my parents I thought you knew ur daughter,but it appears you don't,I can hardly say a thing to convince you now but please believe me I did none of those things.
Readers,well this is it,you might not really understand it,but serzly I feel a little better than some minutes ago.I'll say this,DON'T TRUST ANY ONE PLEASE.
It's a plea.


Myne Whitman said...

Wow this is a complicated one. You said it in the end, it's so difficult to trust anyone these days. Especially when it comes to passing information. I hope you're able to pass through this. Take care of yourself OK?

Mola said...

My darling, wow!! I wish I could hug you now and I can imagine the pain esp about loosing ur best friend...hmm! What il tell u is wait this one out, stay out of everyone's radar and let God fight for u dont try defending yourself anymore, because the more you do the more u give them the power. Just PRAY and ask God to see u thru this and make sure u pray for ur parents to know the truth. God bless u darling

gretel said...

Thank you so much Myne and I've learnt my lessons,thanks.
Mola,I really really do appreciate you.I'm out of everyone's reach and I can tell you it's been me and God.Thank you so much,thanks