Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Is kissing Sin?

Hallo people. 
Too soon to return abi? I told you I have repented. 
To the issue. I know I said I'd post a story. It's ready but if only Toin and honey dame would let me post it. These two ladies will not spoil me. Toin has done me something. I don't even know what to say. Honey dame has made me Caro when I am Ada Ada. What's to say?
I had an interesting argument with my friend,Smaila, yesterday. About kissing in a relationship. Well, dude is go the opinion that it's a pre cursor to sex and it's still fornication. He said you should only kiss someone you're married to. And the first time should be when the reverend says "now,you may kiss the bride". Kissing is intimate and we shouldn't indulge in it if we are not partners forever. In fact, pecks should be extremely limited as it would lead to kissing then to smooching bla bla bla. To sum his own up, don't kiss if you're not married. 
I don't need to tell you what my points were. Una no say I be former serial kisser and I didn't agree. He backed it al up with some biblical examples but as I no be pastor I didn't still agree. I mean, I'm in a relationship with a guy and we don't kiss, TBH, I will boss you around like I'm the guy and I'm really sorry I would kiss the next guy. Most dudes think I'm too bossy, I honestly feel girly and softer when I'm kissed. If we don't kiss we can't do other silly fun stuff like makes faces in pictures, stick out tongues, run around, gobble food and stuff because the only informal thing wey we for do,kiss, you have said it will lead to fornication and it's a sin. 
I even said the relationship won't last and that the girl won't be happy. He said he rather obeys God than sin. Na kiss we talk o. Not sex. I don't even subscribe to pre-marital sex. That is the posh word for fornication make e no dey like say una dey sin. I am #teamcelibate till marriage and it's for a whole lots of other reason than condemning those that have sex so no look me and start to say miss goody-two-shoes. Whatever that means. 
So, what do you guys think?
In other news, Tamie, I love you too. Toin, you can die now. Xxx.


Toinlicious said...

*rolling me eyes to China* Girl, i know that's your way of saying you adore me so yea, love you back too. I mean, 2posts dedicated to me in less than a month? Puleasseeee, stop lounging in denial. You looorrrrr me. Fini

N.B: You still owe me a kiss and i don't intend to marry you looool

N.B.B: I think i need Jesus *sips holy smoothie*

JDY said...

If I can kiss then I can have sex. I don't see the need to kiss or even have sex with someone you're dating. Apart from the Bible thing, I usually have interest in the personality rather than the sexuality.
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Unknown said...

I used to think there was no biggie to kissing,as long as one had self control.
I think differently now.

Love you more akara threats.

@toin lolz yelz you need Jesus.

SNM said...

Please o, what are you kissing?
Do not kiss unless you are ready to go all the way.

"But then that's my opinion"

DiDi said...

It's just a kiss,going all the way is a different story

Jopesi said...

Hehe! I dunno if kissing is a sin on its own but I know it can lead to other things but I also know it will take extra extra grace for me to be in a relationship and not kiss.