Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hello! loooooong time. i say this everytime abi. but now I have repented. It's twitter and their demons o!
Update: Toinlicious has matchmaked me with every boy she sees me tweet at. i need deliverance from this girl. i want to kill her before death does it and yesterday she told me she loves me,my heart just melted. I melted.
Honeydame O! this one case na another level. And the most painful part is they eat akara

@9jasgret aka Ebila. Lol. this one asked me for birthday gift! as i couldnt give he asked for something else. thats for another day.

Okay,I met this great,handsome,sweet,amicable,angelic,quiet,unassuming,all forms of sexy dude. Toin,stop swallowing saliva abeg. this one is not in your league. He is very intelligent. if Gretel says it,then it's so. Toin,again,close your mouth. This is not akara

the Adonis (Toin,may not know this one) wrote this for me. its a great one. Enjoy.

Imagination and Research.
Have you ever wondered why its the Heart that suffers every time the Mind(Head) thinks too much?
Ever wondered why they say love(we love with our hearts,don't we?)is blind?
Its because there's a constant struggle between the Heart and the Mind.
Imagination. It sprouts from the mind but its the heart,though often weak,that helps in bringing imaginations to fruition.
The next question that readily comes to mind is "why aren't the bulk of my imagination brought to reality?". Well,its mostly because a lot of us haven't mastered the art and craft of making both our Hearts and Minds interdependent on one another.
The Heart is blind,the Mind is its walking stick hence the expression "Love is blind" because,the Heart will nine times out of ten go against the Head and love who and whatever it dims fit;it throws away its walking stick like a man who just had his sight restored by a new generation,Armani suit wearing,miracle working pastor.
OK before I digress any further than I already have,here's my point;if your Imaginations aren't wide and wild enough that it scares the crap out of your Heart then you aren't THINKING BIG! You have got to stretch your mind beyond its elastic limit to the point where your Heart knows better than to doubt and disbelieve your Imaginations.
Search through the corners and crannies of your Mind like an NYPD detective looking through every street in New York's five boroughs to track down a drug cartel or like an Amnesia- stricken old man,looking everywhere around his house for where he left his glasses whereas he's got them hanging on his head;in your Head lies answers to all you may ever need,reach for it.
You don't wanna make your Heart suffer an attack or a cardiac arrest every time your Head works(worries/thinks) too much,do you? Then put your Heart where you Mind is,let them partner together to produce and achieve results that would have a huge effect(positive or as the case may be) on yourself and a large number of people(let's say British American Tobacco and its effect on people).
Research. Every time you feel as though you have ransacked your Head to no avail then you have got to SEARCH AGAIN;Re-Search!
Research through your Mind until you find what it is your heart yearns for,also research through the works and products of other people's Minds to help you find and discover what you desire.
There will always be that huge chasm somewhere in your heart that only your Imaginations when brought to fruition,can fill.
The Mind is God's biggest gift to man,cherish and fill it with Imaginations that are profitable and also re-search through it to ensure that it is in accordance with nearly everything that science and Research have proven that the human mind can achieve.

Whew! Xxx. Toin for don sleep by now.


DiDi said...

Gretel Almighty!

HoneyDame said...

You are right! Toin don sleep!!! Loool

Toinlicious said...

Lmaooooo! This girl!!! So you dedicated this entire post to me (I'm ignororing the Ebila & evil honeydame mentions)
Thanks boo boo. I love you tew :p

A-9ja-Great said...

Smh @Toin.Meanwhile,I don't know what u're talking about,I'm innocent.

True,the mind has unrealized potentials.

gretel said...

Read the post you people LOL.

Toinlicious said...

By the way, this your font is too tiny biko. Make it a lil bigger. Thanks boo
*shakes growing ikebe out*