Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I want to thank everyone that looked out for me as a result of my last post. Every comment gave me one more reason to smile,to hope,to live,to EAT,ESPECIALLY TO EAT.
Toin... I can't thank you enough, your friends are really lucky.YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON,TO EVERY WORD OF IT. LOVE.

Thanks Luciano,I felt really special reading your comment,it was a huge relief.

@9jagreat.. you may not know it but you lifted my spirits, I know I was a bit difficult,but thanks for pressing on,I really appreciate you. hey...its nice to have you as a friend. :)

Sugarspring.... thanks for that comment, I was so encouraged and felt better. God bless you.

MsJB, your comment surprised me,owing to how we parted ways and even though I had said I wouldn't have any deal with you, I think your comment completely broke me, I want to say,I'm sorry for that uproar I caused and I was more than happy to see your comment, I cried sweetly and i will get back to you. Thanks a lot. LOVE.

Ginger.... thanks so much,you sounded like the elder sister I have never had and I knew immediately that you cared, thanks for your prayers and concern, your comment was heartfelt and I appreciate you.

@Tamie... thanks for the care and the shoulder, I appreciate you. God bless you.

Finally... Didi, I don't know what I would have done at this time without you, you know you are incredible,right?? I can't say it enough but you're a life saver.You scooped me from shit...right on time. In summary, I love you too,more than I can say it *kisses and more kisses*

WHEW... I may not blog in a while,some months or so. I have a problem and I don't know, Didi has been trying to help and it's working,he has helped me to improve and I recommend him anytime. I hate what I'm going through and how I feel, and before I die in the midst of plenty... I have secured a therapist..yes, I am undergoing therapy. My parents don't know YET, (I HOPE). I won't share my experiences or therapy sessions(I've had 2) but I will say if I'm better.

Thanks to all that care... XoxO!



Luciano said...

Its so good to know you got help. Take care of you and get better. xoxo

Toinlicious said...

*now breathing gain* Yay! Sweetheart, it's comforting to know you're talking to someone. Fingers crossed. Do whatever you need to do to get better. I need the Kissy Gretel back *wink* and you know i'll be here if you need me. Anytime.

LadyNgo said...

Whats weird is i didn't even see your last post but a week or so ago i found myself wondering how you were doing. Just glad to hear you are on the up-swing and moving to being a better you. Best wishes luv

Ginger said...

Hugs dear. Just keeping looking at the light at the end of the tunnel. There is one believe me.

Bless you.

Tamie said...

Good to know you feel better. Hugs.

sugarspring said...

hugs...thank God you're better..
take good care of you

A-9ja-Great said...

I'm just glad i could be there in my own little way! *hugs*