Saturday, November 6, 2010


Bless God.I'm so happy today oh.can't even explain,last I posted was on mummy's birthday,so been busy trying to clean up after then,yea I was supposed to go swimming with that crush g,but my childhood lover,was doing a birthday week,dunno what the thing is with b/days but I don't care,so much fun ehnn,oh bum shorts,boobs baring tops and stilettos high enough to ???I've been so high then all of a sudden Mr somehow hot,ah han,comes out of no where and I'm like where the hell has this guy been?and he's so sorry 'bout how things have been and he has realised I can do without him but he's not so sure he can do without me,''smh'',he wants us to start afresh and he will MARRY me,na like that,plus he'll do anything I want,OMG,now he should have watched his tongue coz I want him outta my life but I don't say it,menh,I feel too hot,see short me o???I just couldn't stop blushing,serzly I blush a lot,a whole lot even though my heart is not there,mummy says it's what makes me a gurl.well,that guy is rich and he makes me comfy,my childhood lover makes me girlish and happy,the crush makes me proud,all others make me mad but they're there and they can just go and screw themselves,btw there's a new person,John,OMG,hot is an understatement,so which one do I???''you know?''
Lovely weekend people,for me it's groove to a fault.yes I'll be careful.


Myne Whitman said...

Enjoy, my dear, na your time, lol...

ps, I fed the fish. :)

gretel said...

thanks much,dear and tnx for feeding my fish,believe tis the one at the side bar right?
You make me so glad. Yea it's my time and I hope it doesn't stop.:)

ABIGAIL NY said...

Oh girl, you have some serious decisions! Good luck with it oh!!

ABIGAIL NY said...

now following you.
hope you can follow back!

RemiRoy said...

Lol Gretel. Yeah, Enjoy :)
Awesome December, Girl.