Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hi sweetheartssss and darlingssss, as usual I don’t even know where to start!!! I’ll be brief. It has been a marathon of things. I have been caught up in a web of what I can’t even describe but in summary “NYSC” and whew……this stuff is crazy. I’ll be back soon sha!!!

this post is just to tell God thank you for one more year *tears*, I look at my life and I quietly whisper to myself “Gret baby, you don’t deserve this measure of love” but God looks at me and says “Baby, shhh….don’t say that, you deserve more than this”. I know God reads my blog, sometimes he laughs sometimes he frowns, sometimes he rolls his eyes and says whaaaat, sometimes he wonders why I even blog even though he won’t say so and I know he’s reading this one and wondering what I’m upto.

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for this undeserving life you gave me, I know you’ve said I shouldn’t say so but I can’t remember what I’ve done to eschew such massive love from you.
Thank you for one more year… thank you for speaking to me in many more ways than I can imagine, thank you for delivering me from the claws of death, thank you for always having my back even when I disobey you, thank you for making me realize that only you can give me the love I want, thank you for taking me higher even when I felt I was high enough, thank you for small achievements, thank you for lessons I’ve learnt, thank you for corrections and hugs and warmth and kisses, thank you for talents, thank you for a kind heart, thank you for making me special, thank you for hymns at night and lines to go on with…..yes, that dream you gave me gave me one more chapter, I didn’t even know you were reading my poem oh, thank for laughing when I’m silly and pulling my ears when I get naughty, the other day, I was so lonely, I almost accepted Austin’s proposal, I felt so happy to say YES but you made Aunty Ekaette call almost immediately and remind me of how special I was and how much she loves me, she even bought a new perfume for me, I knew that was you telling me “my baby, I’m always with thinking of you, you don’t need Austin, not now, not ever” ahhh… thought I wouldn’t know, the other Sunday, I went to church in a hurry and wanted to leave in a hurry but you used the testimony of that man to keep me because you had something to tell me, you told me I was amazing and you told me I was your child, I cried so hard, I thought I’d look ugly but you know what you put on my face, everybody said I was too beautiful, on Friday the 13th you saved me from a ghastly accident and even though we joked about it and said Friday the 13th so many times, I knew you had saved my life even though I was coming back from a club, thank you for always making me remember to pray, thank you for making my little efforts sooo outstanding, thank you for making me a woman so I’d appreciate your love better….

thank you for understanding me enough, thank you for chasing away evil when I take the wrong way. I could go on and on and you know I would…..thanks bestie for life.

Thank you for 21 years of life.
Your amicable daughter.

Dear readers, I have a song will like to post here but can't, please any idea how to will be appreciated. thanks

P.S Does anybody have an idea on how to stop excessive crying? My tear glands are out of this world oh. :D
I love you all….muah!!!


@ilola said...

Happy Birthday. I wish you many more great years ahead

Ema Leecious said...

He is a great God indeed!

Happy birthday sis...xoxo

Priscy said...

Happy birthday Gretel, I wish you all the happiness you can ever wish for now and beyound.
Sometimes, when things overwelm you, one can't help but to shed some tears, either out of pain or joy. Best wishes to you always.

Toinlicious said...

Happy birthday Gret! And you are hilarious. Thank God for your life.

As for the tears, i need it for when i'm watching Private Practice and Greys Anatomy. Darn, Shonda's got me on full bown water works it's not even funny. Me that i like to form hardcore smh

gretel said...

Thank you so much for your kind wishes and comments....@Toin,I cry in virtually every thing that happens to me,even though I form hardcore a lot,haven't seen private practice but Greys is rather educative to me than tearful,I cry if a patient suffers or die :)

'Lara said...

Happy belated birthday...this crying matter is serious, hope the tears has stopped.

Ginger said...

What a thankful heart you have. All the better to receive even bigger gifts.

On the other hand, I feel you with the my God/my paddy prayer.

gretel said...

Whooo....thanks @Ginger :*