Monday, September 23, 2013

Don't Read This.

Hello beautiful people, I have missed you guys like a fat kid misses cake. I actually logged in to shut down this blog but I read some of my posts and I imagined a world without Myne,Toin,HoneyDame,Ginger,Didi,Priscy,Sugarcoated,ermmmm,9jasgreat,Dayor,MsJB,Aloted, okkkk, I'm exaggerating but I thought of all of you and I said to myself or maybe it's the Holy Ghost that said to me "daughter,Hold on,I'll give you the "grace". A lot has been happening with me. It's now I'm understanding naija o. But it's also now I've understood God more. Some of you know my personal drama and some of you also know how God has been a succor. I don't want to say too much o. Just to say I miss you guys. I have a story or two for  those that read my blog, trust me, its cool. It's a bit sexual as I've realised that my theoretical knowledge of sex is wowza. "covers face". So, I did a sexual one, not too filthy but unbelievably from my innocent brain. I also did a poem. A personal one. I know you're saying only a story and a poem after all this while? I have been working on my book and it's a great stress. Research,reserach,research. I have till April 2014 to make it ready for publishing. I thought I would be able to post excerpts up here but I feel the opinions may not make a difference but I will. Just to know. I'll put up the story soon and all that. I have lots to hype about but Seun, my love would say, too much action fir one person. Ifono. I have a new friend. No, let me not talk about it. And I have loads of video of me twerking. Yes,I am proud to announce to ALL of you that I can twerk. #twerkit. Deal with that. God didn't give me all this b**ty for nothing. Okay, I'm stopping here. I love all of you. Just like that, I do. Didi, when last did you hear my voice? You're in trouble with bye


Ema Oyeyiola said...

Welcome back!!!
Can't wait to read and watch. #MicrowavingPopcorn

Myne Whitman said...

Where is the story?

Toinlicious said...

Lmaoo. #twerkit babe. You better not shut this blog down. I really can't wait for excerpts though *joins Emma*

Priscy said...

welcome back! yes I agree with Toin... berra no try shutting the blog down. waiting as well.

DiDi said...

LOL i`m so dead.. the twerk part though.. calling you now! :P

A-9ja-Great said...

*peeps* Is this blog still alive?

Stop acting up,you know you love me.hehehe