Sunday, March 10, 2013


Hello people, been a while! Who else has realized that its more difficult to blog when you’re idle than when busy? I know sey una no go gree but I’ve realized it.

Anyway, a lot has been happening oh. There was one time “SEX IN RELATIONSHIPS” was trending, bitches where like “you can’t be in a relationship and not have sex”, and novices were calling bitches hoes.

I wanted to blog about it but no time, because when you finish talking the binch will still go and have coitus and the novice will still be preaching “waiting for the right time”. Me, I’m in between oh *blinks lashes*. I no be binch, I no be novice, as a matter of fact, I’m not waiting for the right time or man, me the thought of sex scares me, I’m not ready for it capish!!! I will not go down low until my mind is set. That is my own. So binches keep binching and novice abeg shift.

P.S No offence to the word *binch* oh!

That aside ehn, you see that dream Toin had, it happened to me. I just wish it was with Channing tatum, the man I truly love and won’t mind being his baby mama for free. It was with Davido!!! *shedding river tears*. Someone should hand me bullet, I have a gun! Omo baba lowo, that jumping chicken, I dreamt about him. I went to his house and he was half dressed and drinking whiskey, then we gisted about the weirdest shit ever. Frogs. I can’t even remember what we said. Then he offered to drop me at home with his Lamborghini and I hopped inside sharp sharp. When he got to my house, we played video games and I woke up very angry. Any Joseph on here? Help a sister.

To what I wanted to blog about…. Serial kisser(part 2) girls I’ve kissed, I will postpone it sha. My hands are paining me and there is one Iya something here to massage my mum and I need the off-spa massage too. So na my next post be that. I have kissed 4 girls in my entire existence, wait I think its 6 oh! I am not a lesbian but I like me some eye raising adventures and trips (not journey). So I will let you on that one later.

FYI, girls kiss better than guys. Forget every other story, na prof dey tell you this one. No go cause wahala oh, but if you kiss a good kisser that is a girl, you have little work to do. You will have a full course meal in one kiss and you will be wondering why your guy no kiss you like this sha.
Ok bye bye. Later. Before you people will say Gretel has caused ahem!

P.S. if you are in Uyo, be at the cinema 11-2pm tomorrow and Tuesday! Your bill is on me! Spread the news. Kisses. #teamflowergirl whether you like the movie or not! Chuks is my love and I’m proving it to him. :P:P:P.

Didi, I’m missing you. And Ginger <3. Bisou!


Myne Whitman said...

Wahala girl you eh? LOL...Have a lovely week.

Ibifiri Kamson said...

Lol this is so hilarious..... The dream about Davido.....

DiDi said...

Miss U too hun.. Ranterters though lol.

*Ps. i can take U to Davido in real life. See me in Chambers.

Luciano said...

all these dreaming things enn..........
you talked about frogs? frogs? lol
patiently waiting for the next part of the gist